Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 101 - November 2, 2015

Dear Mom,

I haven't had time to be trunky and I honestly don't feel like I'm going home. everything is so surreal and I am frankly in shock. But this is it. The last email!

Mixed feelings is an understatement! but the only way to describe it. I feel numb,Ii feel like I'll just keep on working after next week but I know it's over, and I don't want to leave, but it's time to see you guys and all that fun stuff. 

All people talk about is me leaving!! haha but it's alright, there is too much work to do so I'm not getting distracted. 

We found one new investigator this week whose name is Ricardo. We talked to him about the restoration and families and he was really liking it. He is from Venezuela and he has talked with missionaries before so we are really excited about him. He also has 2 daughters and a wife, so we will be trying to meet with them too. 

We had a trainer's and trainees meeting and once again it was a meeting that I got a whole different experience than everyone else because I was asked to translate for the natives. (the meeting was in English) and as always it was a miracle. My brain was fried afterwards, as always, but I was once again able to be a testimony of the gifts of the spirit. 

I also translate at church for the Hermano hein  and so I've been speaking a lot of English lately, but I'm also pretending to be a native this week for my comp. I won't speak English to him and I act like a don't speak it so this has been and will be super fun!! 

President Pack is an amazing president. he's an amazing man and I'm so happy to have served under him and President Jackson.  Men who have shaped my life. 

I will work hard until the end!!!  I was reading this morning and my thoughts were "how will I endure to the end?" and I was reading through the last part of the Saviors life and I read in John 13:1 and it said that he knew his life was about to be over but what he did showed us an example of the key to endurance, "los amó hasta el fin." "he loved them until the end". I   got my answer.  In dad's email he said "that which we serve we love." and that is truth. I have grown to love these people. I now love these people as my own. At times I think I should have been born a madrileño! (¡debería de haber nacido madrileño!). People tell me all the time "you are super Spanish"  "you do that because you´ve turned into a Spaniard". I've become one of them  and I love them with all of my heart.  The key to my enduring to the end lies in loving them until the end. The savior did so, and I will do the same. I will love them to the end and I will work hard until the last second. I love you all!!! 

I love you mom.  Thank you for loving me with a love I didn't know existed before.  I have felt of your love and support through every moment in the field. I always knew my mother back home was right their supporting me and loving me through it all. Thanks for the prayers. Thanks for your words of comfort, love, and help. Thanks for bearing me, carrying me, delivering me. Those messianic words Elder Holland spoke of have new meaning to me after everything you have done for me while I have been in the Lord's service. I love you and am forever indebted to you for what you have done for me. I love you mother. You are the most deserving among women of that title. My Mother is the best of the best. Thank you. Everyone here in La Laguna knows how amazing you are and how excited Ii am to see you.  When they ask if I'm ready to leave my response is always "No, but I am ready to see my mother again."

I love you.

Till next week,
Elder Jarrett Anderson

 A spider on the island of Tenerife - As big as my palm!

 At the top of El Tiede

Above the clouds at the top of El Tiede

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 101 - October 26, 2015

I don't really have any time at all but we are continuing to work hard
and try and find people. Still waiting on the fruits. We tore through
the area book and we are now passing by all the members to try and
develop a relationship because for some reason it's hard to on
Sundays. We have a new ward mission leader and he is great. He will
do great things for this ward. But in the meantime we are still
scouring and bearing testimony. I know it will pay off someday. Thanks
for your words mom. They're what I needed. I know I'm doing what the
Lord needs me to do. And I need to do it until the end because I am
doing some good.

I know God is at the helm. And it's taking a lot of faith to open this
area but I know he is guiding us. It's been a week of progress and
things are picking up.

We went to El Teide today (measured from the bottom of the ocean,
which is its bottom, it is the third tallest mountain in the world or
something like that) So we went there with President Pack today and wow it
was beautiful!!!  I will send some pictures.

Have an amazing week!! I will send a good final email next week. And I
will also be sending a letter that I want you to read on the way
to the airport. So if it says "aeropuerto" on it. Don't open it yet!
Until you're coming to pick me up.

Love you all. Have an amazing week!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 100 - October 19, 2015

Dear mom,

Thanks so much for the email mom. It helped me so much. It's a very
emotional time in my mission and it's so comforting to hear that from
you. I try so hard to be a true disciple and I know I'm not perfect
but it's what I'm striving for. So thank you mom!!

To answer your food question I have just been eating healthy foods
lately in the piso. And with members well we haven't eaten much. But
when we did we ate Cuban food haha. Haven't had much seafood at all.
Oh and the Germans make good food! They made bratwursts and sour kraut
so I assumed that was really German. Haha

This week was a good week. We did A LOT of work in the area book. My
companion has been making a ton of calls to practice talking to people
in Spanish so that's helped him! We have been setting things up with
people we meet in the street and from the area book but not much has
come through yet. A lot of stuff has fallen through, but we will keep
trying!! That's what the mission is all about.

We were making some plans on Thursday to meet with the Bishop and we
were praying for the opportunity to meet with him and we were planning
on setting something up with him when we saw him on Sunday. Then
Thursday night he called the other elders and said "elders I want to
meet tomorrow. Let's meet at 11" so that was the absolute biggest
miracle. We were able to finally talk with him and start to work with

While making calls in the area book we called a lady named Elia. She
seemed kind of skeptical about meeting but she agreed to meet. She had
been meeting with sisters about a year ago. We arrived at the
designated spot and she came around the corner with her son. She was a
little worried because we were strangers calling her and she didn't
know who we were but in the end we taught them about the restoration
and we were starting to develop a good relation with her and her son
José. We will be meeting again with them tonight. We are really

I have had a lot of fun training!! It's great to have a companion who
wants to be obedient and work hard. He's progressing and his Spanish
is coming along well. I speak to him (or try to at least) in Spanish
all day. It's super fun. What's funny is I'm super excited for the
time he will have in the mission and he's super excited for me to get
home haha.  He says it's going to be a whole different world. He's 
hilarious and I'm bummed I've only got 3 more weeks with him. 
The 12 week training program is amazing!!! I love it and I'm learning a ton.

I love you all. It doesn't seem real that I will only be emailing 2
more times after this. I feel like I will be out here for forever.
Have an amazing week and never forget who we all represent as his

Spiritual thought for the week is the following invitation, which I
will proceed with a couple things from this week. The ward put on a
theatrical presentation about the people waiting in the spirit world
for us to find them. (A great man in the ward name Emilio wrote the
whole thing and put it on) and it got me super excited to do family
history work. On Sunday during 12 weeks we discussed how we could use
family history in the work. And I can feel "el espíritu de Elías" as
we say in Spanish. The spirit of Elijah. Lately when we have been in
the chapel waiting for things I have been trying to do family history
on my iPad and now I am even more excited thanks to this week. My
invitation to all of you is to set some goals and go research a little
about our ancestors. And try and find some names we can take to the
temple. I found Alfonso V and Alfonso VI (kings of Castile y Léon, a
part of my mission) in one of our lines. There are amazing stories and
people waiting for us to find. So go find them! I promise that as you
do so you will be filled with the spirit of the lord and as the
apostles have promised you will have a greater protection from the
temptations of this world, you will be protected from the fiery darts
of the adversary. I promise you'll be filled with "el espíritu de
Elías" because that is what has happened to me.

Love you all!! Have an amazing week!!!

A lot down, 3 to go.

Elder Anderson
¡El reino de dios o nada!
¡Hurah por Israel!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 99 - October 12, 2015

Dear family,

What a week it has been. Another one has flown by and I've been very grateful lately for the every moment I have to be a part of this great work. In the service of our King. 

First off I wanted to let you know, there will be a zone training the last week of the transfer , so if you want to write me one last time you can send letters to me through the mission office and I will get them, my last Thursday. 

Well, I don't really even know where to start. I'm learning that things don't always come quite as fast as you want them (a lesson I feel like I've learned over and over again in the mission but it's been a good reminder).  We are working extremely hard and I feel like we are laying the foundation and I'll be leaving before its dry but that hasn't stopped the desires to work hard.  We are searching for people to find like crazy.  We have been doing a lot of work in the area book and talking to a lot of people in the street.  It's a hard process but we are slowly but surely finding the people that are ready. The miracle of this process has been that as they've basically thrown us out here and said, "Alright!  Go find!"  We have found. The Lord is truly preparing the hearts of the people and I am constantly reminded of the words in Alma 13:24  "For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory."  The lord is preparing His people.  He's trying to touch all of his children's hearts, and the elect are listening and being gathered.  We have found two men and a woman who I am extremely excited for.  Pepe, a nice Christian man who is from Tenerife.  who at first said "I don't really share your beliefs" and then at the end accepted a Book of Mormon.  We will meet with him on Wednesday.  We found another man named Miguel, also a Canario, who was very nice and we will be meeting with him tonight.  We also found Blanca last night.  A lady from Quito, Ecuador and she accepted a Book of Mormon and is excited to meet.

We have also been teaching a man named Miguel (from here, from Tenerife) he said to us during our first lesson while we were reading about Christ's gospel in 3 Nephi 27:13-20 "you know I feel like I haven't been able to truly live the gospel with past missionaries, but this time will be different.  I want to live this gospel".  So we are going to help him make the changes he wants to make.  Super humble man.

My companion is awesome!!!  I love him so much.  He's a great missionary.  His Spanish is improving every day and he is working hard.  He's got a great understanding of the gospel and is well prepared.  The training program 12 weeks is really fun and it's been great for both of us to review the basics of the work.  We are doing the Lord's work, in the Lord's way and he's doing awesome!

We were finally able to start meeting members this week.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I have been so impressed with the faith of the members here.  They are an amazing example of faith, sacrifice, and love for the Lord.  They endure so much social pressure from family and friends just so they can live the gospel.  It's amazing.  I love the saints here in Spain, the Canaries, and Europe in general.  They are an amazing example to all.

An amazing example of this faithfulness to the Lord is the example of the Hein family.  From Germany.  They are a retired couple living here.  He speaks a little English and are in the very beginning of the process of learning Spanish yet they come every single week to church, despite not understanding anything, to partake of the sacrament and share their wonderful smiles.  They are members of the ward family despite their inability to fully communicate.  He can say a few things in Spanish but she doesn't speak Spanish nor English yet they go to every activity and social because they love the Lord and His church.  Every Friday we go and eat with them and this Friday we were going to a lesson in their town and we needed a man to get in to a lesson and we called him and next thing we know this 70 or so year old man comes sprinting around the corner with a huge smile on his face.  They're such a faithful couple.

We also met with Fiona, a 27 year old less-active member originally from Scotland.  She has been inactive for a few years and has gone away for work reasons and a couple little doubts.  She expressed her testimony and love for the gospel during our visit and we testified of God's love and how he simply wants us to come unto Him.  We invited her to church. Called to remind her to come on Saturday night and she came!!  She showed up and loved it.  It was awesome to see her partake of the sacrament again after so long without it.  So that was another miracle for the week.

I cannot express with words how beautiful this Island is.  From the east side of our island you can see Gran Canaria (another island) and when we are on the west side we can see Teide (a giant volcano) and La Gomera (Another island). The houses on the cliffs next to the ocean make me feel like I'm in Greece at times and the beautiful black sand beaches are amazing.  The ocean is gorgeous and it's somewhat of a desert.  Just my beautiful home off the coast of Africa.  I love it here.  It's unreal.

Spiritual thought for the week is found in 2 Nephi 9:13-14 it says the following:

"13 O how great the plan of our God! For on the other hand, the paradise of God must deliver up the spirits of the righteous, and the grave deliver up the body of the righteous; and the spirit and the body is restored to itself again, and all men become incorruptible, and immortal, and they are living souls, having a perfect knowledge like unto us in the flesh, save it be that our knowledge shall be perfect.

14 Wherefore, we shall have a perfect knowledge of all our guilt, and our uncleanness, and our nakedness; and the righteous shall have a perfect knowledge of their enjoyment, and their righteousness, being clothed with purity, yea, even with the robe of righteousness."

Through the power of the resurrection we will also live again. And we will be restored to a " perfect knowledge". I found in verse 14 a blessing I yearn for. It's the part I put in italics, "and the righteous shall have a perfect knowledge of their enjoyment, and their righteousnessAt times we have a hard time seeing the good we do. Seeing how our efforts to be righteous are worth it. It's hard to see the good in us. But as we keep trying, keep moving forward, living the gospel of Christ, the day will come when we will be able to recognize the good we did and realize we did a lot better than we thought we did. Don't get discouraged if you think you're not doing very well at being a disciple. Our father loves us and the day will come when we see what we did through different eyes. Just one more blessing through the atonement and resurrection of our savior.

 Also I'm so glad that my service has blessed you. Means my prayers have been blessed.

I love my Savior and I love His work. 

Have an amazing week. I love you all!!!

Elder Anderson

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 98 - October 5, 2015


Well it was a crazy week. Got my new comp Elder Romney on Tuesday and
flew out on Wednesday.  We arrived on the island and a couple hours
later I led district meeting.  Then we went back and the next couple
days were spent getting settled in.  Taking the old area book (that was
literally a binder with some papers just shoved in it) and organizing
it and trying to find our way around town and finding people.  It's
been a slow week when it comes to the progress of the area but it's
been fast other than that.  Now to answer a few questions. I actually am
serving in a ward that has 4 elders and they were actually here before
(well one of them) and its Elder Gorge!  My old companion! So it's a
little bit easier because we are opening up a companionship in the
ward but the thing is there is nothing.  We walked into the piso and
there was one usable Book of Mormon and a couple of pamphlets.  Thank
heavens Elder Gorge is here because he's been able to help us find
things.  We went out to a pueblo called Puerto de la Cruz and met a
couple members and a less active lady named Carmen.  So we are going to
start working with them.  Puerto de la Cruz is beautiful!!  But a very
touristy place.

Elder Anderson & Elder Romney

My companion is doing good!  He is learning Spanish and has amazing
desires to learn it and do the work.  It's great to be with someone who
has desires to work hard and be obedient.  He's a great missionary and
will do amazing things here.  We are both learning how to do things
here in the islands cause wow, it's a lot different than Madrid.  We
can't drink the water here so we have to buy it at the store for the
week.  We don't live right on the coast (about 25 minutes in the above
ground metro) but we see the ocean basically every day.

The work is coming.  We're just finding right now and so we will just
continue to lay the foundation for future missionaries.  It's gonna be
5 more weeks of hard work and I'm trying my absolute hardest to give
it my all.  It was a couple interesting transfers in B5 after Elder
Cahoon left but it shaped me and helped me grow.  Now he's giving me
one last mountain to climb before I come home and I'm gonna summit it.

Conference was amazing as always.  I have come to appreciate it more
and more.  As dad described it it's like finding an oasis in the desert
(or something along those lines) it was well needed and a good
spiritual recharge to help me keep going strong.

I don't even know where to begin with what I learned.  I learned so
much!  But I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk.  What he said really comforted
me.  I think I've tried for too long to complicate my discipleship.  I'm
going to simplify things and not beat myself up so much.  Sometimes I
feel like I don't do good enough but then I realize, I'm trying to be
perfect right now rather than improve and strive for perfection.  I've
seen perfection as a destination and not as the journey it is.  So I'm
going to simplify things and enjoy the journey.  What you said mom at
the end of the email really spoke to me, it's what the spirit has been
telling me all weekend.  My goal for the next 5 weeks is to find joy in
the journey.  And what better place to do it than paradise?

This island is amazing!! I know the church is true! There are prophets
in Israel and we just spent a weekend at their feet. I love you all!!!


Elder Anderson
¡Hurah por Israel!
¡El Reino de Dios o nada!

My comp is a great missionary. He's going to do wonderful things in this mission. So cool they emailed you. I'm so grateful for their prayers and thanks for your prayers mom. 

To answer your questions!

1) There are 12 missionaries on the island. There are four of us in
our ward. We are opening up a companionship in the ward (which is a
little bit easier, and it's a blessing. Opening up the area completely
would have been a very difficult task
so it's been a blessing to have another companionship here to
help us out)
2) The church is outside of the town about a 20-30 minute walk.
3) We are not sure how many active members there are, but it seems
like there are quite a few! I will let you know next week once we've
been to a sacrament meeting.
4) It is a ward.
5) The Canary Islands was made into a stake in 2013 a couple months
before I got to Spain. It is called the Las Palmas Stake.
6) Tourism is huge. There are also a lot of retired and rich Germans
who come to live here. They are also a huge producer of bananas here.

Training is fun so far!  He's got a lot of fire and it's awesome.

Have an amazing week dad.
I love you!!

 P-Day in the Canary Islands
 Tenerife, Canary Islands

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 97 - September 28, 2015

Dear Family,

Well it was a crazy crazy week.

I don't have a ton of time, due to the fact I spent the day with Elder
Mullins and we went and taught a lesson and saw Will (the one from
America) It was super fun!!  Elder Mullins was in the district a couple
transfers back and he's an absolute stud!!  But yeah, this email's gonna
be really short.

Well this week Elder Peterson and I had the assignment to go inspect
all the pisos in the zone and so a couple days were spent doing that.

As for transfer news, It was quite the process in finding out what my
fate was for my final transfer.  I received a call on Wednesday
informing me that I would be training.  On Friday I went to a training
for all the trainers and President told me a little about my
assignment.  On Saturday I found out that I will be 1) Training  2)
opening up an area called La Laguna on the Island of Tenerife in the
Canary Islands and 3) I will be the district leader for the Tenerife
Island District.

I am beyond stoked.

I fly out Wednesday.

Thanks for the emails!  I'll be able to better respond next week!!

I love you all!!!

Enjoy conference!!!

Elder Jarrett Anderson
¡Hurah por Israel!
¡El reino de dios o nada!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 96 - September 21, 2015

Well it was a great week!  We had the leadership council and man it was
amazing.  We discussed the Sabbath Day and the sacrament and how we
can better teach repentance and help people repent before baptism.  It
was (as always) just an amazing experience.

The zone training we gave went amazing as well.  The spirit was strong
and I learned so much from it.  I feel like the missionaries learned as

So we helped a man in the metro.  He was an old man who had been lost
for 3 hours and so we offered to take him to his metro stop.  We had
been on our way to pass by and I feel like the Lord sent us in that
direction to help that man.

I got to see Miguel and Silvia on Saturday!!!  We ate lunch together
and it was so good to see them!  They are working on preparing to get
married in the temple.  They have a ways to go but they'll get there!

I also got permission to call Nadya and I had a great conversation
with her.  She's doing good.  She is working on getting back to church
there's just some issues there but she was so grateful for my call and
said whenever I want to go to Russia, I'll have a place to stay.

Miyaret was baptized!!!  It was a great day!  We almost had a Graciela
fiasco repeat (the "I won't get baptized if I have to wear that"
scandal).  It wasn't to that extreme but she did not want to wear the
jumpsuit and the mom was mad.  So she wore one that was way too big for
her.  I have developed a lot more patience 'cause I handled this situation a lot 
better than we did the Graciela one. Haha but in the end it was an amazing day!! 
Her less-active father also came to the baptism and we got to meet him and  
were gonna start helping him.

We found Agustin (a man from Ghana) he is a less-active and we finally
passed by at a time he was home.  He was super excited to see us and to
meet again!!  He is an elder and was a counselor in the young men's
presidency so we're gonna work on getting him back:)

It was a great week!!!  I also got to go on an intercambio with elder
Overson!  It was super fun!!  We were able to reminisce about old times
in B9 and as we taught together it was just like we never had been
apart.  It was super fun!!

Great week!!!  We are now in week 6 so there are transfers this
Saturday and the next time I email you it will be the first week of
my final transfer.

Cool to hear you talked with Elder Peterson's mom! I'd love to meet his parents!
He's a great kid and a great missionary and I count him as one of my
companions.  I go on so many splits with him and we have a great time.
Super cool!

Thanks for all your prayers!! I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!

Elder Anderson
¡Hurah por Israel!
¡El reino de dios o nada!

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Elder Overson and Elder Anderson 
comps in B9- on intercambios together

Miyaret's Baptism

Elder Anderson, Miguel & Silvia

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 95 - September 14, 2015


Well it was a great week. 

Like absolutely amazing. 

First off my companion has turned his attitude around 100%. Out of the blue, I don't know what happened, nor why it changed but it was a 100% difference this week. We studied 6 of the 7 days and it was unreal. 

We have been working hard and it was just an amazing week. I am just extremely happy right now.

This week we were working a lot with the ward leaders. We have begun to go one by one to the home teachers and train them on how to home teach and how to minister.  It's been a great opportunity to help the ward grow and progress.  It's been awesome! 

We made the call to repentance!! and it went fantastic!!!  Things have completely changed as well.  We just needed time and to have a chance to talk to them.  We talked about where our hearts are and having the attitude of Nephi and obeying because we know the Lord commands it. 

The baptism was changed to next weekend so I will let you know how it goes next week:) but she passed her interview so all we need is to finish planning everything!!

We found an inactive whose name is Patricia and it was amazing.  She was so grateful for our visit and was almost in tears.  She kept saying, "It's time to come back, I need to come back".

Sorry for the short email!!  but it was an absolutely amazing week.  This week will be great we've got the leadership council and a zone training. 

I just hope you guys know how much I love you.  The work is going great.  We worked a ton with the ward this week and I'm really excited.  I did some shopping today for the family and I think I got a couple cool things:)  I'll be getting some more in the future:)

I love you all!!  So glad all is well back home!!

Have an amazing week!:)

Elder Jarrett Anderson

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 94 - September 7, 2015

Dear family,

Well it was a good week for the most part. Still trying to resolve some issues with the missionaries in our zone and trying to keep the work going.  Things continue to march forward and I'm really pleased with myself.  Despite my constant feeling of inadequacy I was able to reflect this Sunday on the week and I know the lord is proud of me.

I think Lolo is basically off the radar for baptism for now.  He came back from Malaga.  We found him and talked for a while about things and he committed to be baptized the 12th (we were thinking he was ready and everything) when we came back to the park later to find him smoking and drinking. We pulled him aside and had a very good talk with him.  He talked about how with the people he is with (a bunch of homeless Romanians) it is at times hard to remember who he is and what his standards are and how it's not an addiction, it's just the occasional cigarette or beer when they insist, and so we talked about how he can prevent that and avoid those situations and overcome temptation. He was very grateful for our visit and was excited to improve, repent and change.  But we haven't seen him since.  So we don't really know what to do.  We are going to keep trying our best to meet with him and help him change but it's just been impossible to meet with him.  So, he will not be baptized this weekend and probably not in the near future but one day he will!  He's got a testimony of this church.  I've got his email and his Facebook so I'll be able to stay in contact with him.  He also might be moving to England soon, or to the south of Spain for a few months.  So that's the news on him.  He will make the covenant one day. But for now I'll just keep doing what I can to help him out!

Vilma's daughters have been sick ever since their trip to the Philippines and so they haven't been able to meet.  A member who lives in their building also told us she doesn't think that she got married while she was there.  We aren't 100% sure but we will find out.  Vanesa hasn't answered for a few weeks and no one knows where she is.  So we will keep trying to contact them.

So it's been really rough because all of the work we have done with them since April is starting to fall through and it's really sad.  I have to be honest, I wanted to see "the fruits of my labors" and see them baptized.  It would have been so cool but I don't know if I will.  I'll keep trying!

Miyaret will be baptized on the 19th!  She's doing really well and is really excited!  So things are going great with her!:) she's a great girl and is preparing herself well.  She loves reading and praying every day and absolutely loves Young Women's!

We are still working with Marco, the man from Ecuador who was baptized years ago and wants to come back now.  He's gaining a testimony and I've been really grateful to work with him.  I feel like if nothing else goes right here in barrio 5, I was at least able to help him start to gain a testimony.  The good thing is lots of things have gone great here in barrio 5:)

We have had an issue in the missionary coordination meeting, some of the missionaries have been extremely
contentious and no one was really being mature about things (except for me and my companion, I have to make sure he gets credit he was well behaved and was very mature during the meetings).  The second counselor in the bishopric is holding them while we do not have a ward mission leader and he's an old spaniard man who just loves to talk, he
also uses a lot of slang terms that are hard to understand and he has a super thick madrileño accent so I don't blame the younger Americans for not understanding him.  I'm the only one who fully understands him of the Americans. But they get impatient and contentious and are driving the spirit away because they don't want him to talk a lot, they say it "wastes our time".  This has been going on for many weeks.  The reality is he gives us great information and yeah he chatters sometimes but he wants us to be informed so it's been really good to have this time with him.  As well, my comp and I have been able to develop a strong relationship with him.  The truth is there hasn't been much progress in the ward in regards to the work the missionaries have been doing and I have been studying, and fasting, and praying to know what we need to do.  It comes down to having a better attitude, dropping the contention, and stripping ourselves of pride, and working effectively with the members.  So the night before, I was up really late studying and praying and looking for scriptural
help and I also was studying the handbook of instructions, and some of the information and things they gave us at the zone conference this week.  So I developed a plan for our ward, and found some scriptures to talk about the contention.  So the next day after coordination I talked to them about Alma 4 and how the church "began to fail in its progress" (verse 10) because of the pride, and contention of the people.  I then defined contention with 3 Nephi 11:29-30.  The Spanish translation is really cool because the verbs mean "to be agitated" or "to be irritated" and I talked about how we can get
better and the blessings that would come from improvement, one of them being progression in the work.  Then I presented my developed plan for working with the ward leaders with our newly called ward mission leader. (Who will be sustained and set apart hopefully next week)  It's been a great time for me to develop my leadership skills, and even further my knowledge of church government and how things should work according to the handbooks.  It's been a great time of growth and patience for me.

I will be calling the zone to repentance about the schedule this week in the district meetings because the zone conference was this past week.  The good thing is there is an overall good attitude that has started to come this week.  Most missionaries are doing better and there aren't as many problems.  There are just a few now who need correction.  My zone leader companion is a stud and has been helping a ton.  We've been able to do some great things together.  His name is
Elder Peterson and he actually went to Brighton High School!

Funny story, yesterday my comp went to bed when it was time to study as a companionship and so I went to my desk and I yelled in, "Hey! Ready when you are!"  And then I waited a few minutes.  Nothing.  So I sang a hymn really loud.  I got through all four verses, nothing.  So I knelt down and offered a prayer out loud.  Yeah, I made sure he heard me. "Please bless my companion that he will join me in the companionship study we are going to have."  Finished my prayer.  Nothing. So I began to read out loud from the missionary handbook.  Nothing.  Finally as I was reading the How to Begin Teaching points in chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel he came lumbering in put on a shirt and we studied together.  Hahaha!  It was funny!  But hey, whatever works right?  I'll never forget that prayer.

Zone conference was amazing!!!  I ordered the pizza and I don't think I'd ever ordered over the phone that many before.  I also was the interpreter again!  And as always it was an amazing experience.  I  really enjoyed it.  I love translating and interpreting.  So much fun!

After zone conference I had an interview with President Pack to renew my temple
recommend because mine expired at the end of last month.  I absolutely love President Pack.  That man has been called of God and I am so grateful I'm serving with him.  He's a great friend of mine, and I've developed a great relationship with him, even in this short time.  We had a great talk about a lot of things, like life after the mission, service in the church, my goals and my education and career plans, it was a great conversation and I just want to say he is an inspired man.
We discussed possibly an extension, the possibility of staying longer in the mission but after discussing it, we decided it would be best to go home on the designated date, November 10th.  I have a lifetime of service ahead of me so I feel and think it's the right time to be home.

In the end it was an overall good week, a lot of frustrations, a lot of miracles, but I'm loving every moment.  As I always say, I love this work.  I love my Savior and I know He lives.  Thanks for all your love and prayers!!  Have an amazing week!!!

Love you all!

Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡El reino de dios o nada!
¡Hurah por Israel!

P.s. I got the package and my debit card and I bought my suit
today!!:)  It looks great and I'm super excited about it:)  Thank you so
much for getting it to me!!!  I love you!!

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Hanging out with a statue of some old Spaniards 

Elder Anderson and Lolo

In Torrejon!  We went and visited some people there today  because 
Elder Esquen and I both served there.  This is the main plaza there.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 93 - August 31, 2015

Mi madre,
 Sí lo has dicho bien!!  You said it right:)  Well done!  It's so great to hear about all the adventures from your week and I'm always grateful for the update!!  I cannot believe that school has started.  That's just super weird to me.  I've been dreading the coming of this fall for a while now and it's finally here.  Just got to keep working hard and not worry about the little time I have left.  I always thought that the end of my mission would be the easiest part because by this point I'd know what I'm doing and I'd be in a good rhythm, that is not the case.  It's very difficult.  I'm maintaining a level of obedience, and hard work.  My work ethic and my heart are still in the right place, I'm still giving this work my whole heart, might, mind and strength because my love for the Lord is stronger than it has ever been.  But it's just hard.  For numerous reasons.  Still helping my companion make the changes necessary which requires a lot of patience.  It's really testing my good qualities to the max and changing those negative qualities I have.  I'm learning even more than I did before the importance of good communication and listening.  I thought I checked those off on the "lessons to learn list" but unfortunately I've got a lot of growth to make.  The good thing I've been able to see though has been my overall improvement over time.  I look back at who I was before and my very limited relationship skills and I am a new person.  I have developed so many abilities here and it's thanks to a lot of the rough moments that continuously come my way.  So I will continue to patiently and cheerfully submit to the will of the Lord and I know it will make me so much better. 

Miracle number one for the week!  Miyaret!  The daughter of the lady from the ward who wants us to teach her.  We met this week and she basically told us, I've been coming to church for ten years but because of some difficulties with time and other things I haven't been able to be baptized yet.  (She's 13)  She expressed her testimony of the Book of Mormon and said "this is the true church, I can just feel it".  She will be baptized the 12th of September.  It's been so fun to meet with her!  The lord has prepared her well and all we have to do is basically show up and review things with her. 

Miracle number 2!  The elders from barrio 6 passed us a reference named Graziano.  He is from Italy and is just a stud!!!! He is the coolest guy ever and said "I saw the Mormons in the street and said hey!  Mormons!  They're in my country too, I wonder what they have to say" and went and talked to the elders so we will begin to teach him next week.  Super excited!!

Vilma and Vanesa are back, but it's been tough to meet with them.  Vilma's daughter was in the hospital, so keep her in your prayers!!  We don't know what's going on exactly.  The grandma only speaks Tagalog and a little Spanish so we could barely get that out of her.  So I'll keep you updated on that!! 

Lolo has been working in Malaga again this week.  So he should be back today. (At least that's what we've been told) ha! We aren't gonna give up on him!!  So we will just keep the faith and keep trying!!!

We met with Elizabeth and she was really worried that we were going to have her go out and proselyte in the street after baptism haha so we told her that wasn't a requirement and talked a little about member life.  It calmed her fears!  She says she knows the Book of Mormon is true and she believes the church is true.  She just works on Sundays so she can't come to church.  Which is a big bummer.  It's the only thing impeding her progression!  She's doing good though!

Roberto had a rough week and wasn't able to meet.  But he is still wanting to meet with us!  So sometime this week we will be meeting.

Overall it's been a good week. Just trying to plug along! Things are going well.

I invite you to continue to seek to have those effective studies of the scriptures so that we may strengthen our testimonies and our will to stay faithful to the Lord no matter the consequences.  I hope you all know I love the Lord.  He is my King and I am His servant. 
I love you all!!  Thanks for your support and love.  Have an amazing week!!! 

Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡El reino de dios o nada!
¡Hurah por Israel!

P.s. The weather is starting to cool down a little bit!!  It's getting better haha. It's bearable now.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

New Assignment - August 17, 2015

Okay just kidding, I'm staying in Barrio 5!!!:)  President called me on Saturday and told me the Lord needs me here for the ward, and for my companion.  I will be with Elder Esquen again:)  He also said that I am needed as a zone leader for this transfer.  So absolutely nothing changed. Barrio 5, Elder Esquen, Zone Leader. 

I will have served here in Barrio 5 for as long as I served in Barrio 4, but it feels like b4 was a LOT longer.  My time here has flown by!! But I'm so excited to continue to work here. 

The bad news for the week is that Lolo was not baptized.  He went to Malaga for work a couple weeks ago (like I said last week) and he was going to come back sometime last week.  We called and passed by daily but he never answered or was there.  Wednesday rolled around and we had to cancel the baptism, and we had no clue where he was.  Thursday he gave us a call and explained to us what had happened.  While there, trying to find a bus to get back, he was robbed of all his money and a lot of his things. (I don't know if he was beaten and robbed, but he was for sure robbed) and he has been stuck in Malaga for an extra week now.  He still had his phone sim card and had put it into a phone that the red cross allowed him to use and he was able to call us from there.  He still has desires to be baptized but he has been stuck down in Malaga so we will have to have the baptism another weekend.  So it was really hard for me to wait till Saturday for transfers.  If I would have been transferred, I would have missed Vilma and Vanesa's baptism, and Lolos.  And although that made me sad thinking I could possibly miss all that, I was comforted, and was not afraid one bit because I was ready to accept whatever the Lord had for me.  I have a testimony that President Pack has been called of God and that the Lord's hands are in the transfers.  But it was very nice to know I will be staying.

We had the leadership council this week.  It was amazing!! and I continued in my service as mission interpreter. (I think interpreter is the right term, because it's a live translation rather than written translation).  I interpreted the meeting for the Spanish speakers for the parts that were in English.  It was amazing.  I have been blessed over and over again with the gifts of the spirit.  Our God is a God of miracles!  Have miracles ceased?  I say unto you, nay!  Neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of man.  Because I've lived it.  I saw so many miracles this week.  Miracles I will share and miracles I cannot share over email.  But when I'm home I can tell you about. 

The funny part of the interpreting was there was a video we were watching and in a part of it someone was reciting the First Vision.  I haven't heard it in English for ages and I have it memorized in Spanish but there are two lines that are swapped in their order in the translation from English to Spanish in Joseph Smith History (how I am supposed to remember that when I'm always saying it in Spanish?  no idea..)  So when I started to say the First Vision in the microphone I was lining it up to his words perfectly.  I wasn't getting cocky nor showing off but it was pretty cool. But then he said the line that was switched around and I got thrown off.  I was embarrassed!  I sat there in silence and missed the next couple lines. Then got right back to it a couple lines later.

Learn from my mistakes!  In the work of the Lord, never lean on your own knowledge and understanding.  The moment you think you know better than the Lord, and begin to "show off" the spirit will not be able to guide you and your personal results will not turn out to well, and you´ll probably be really embarrassed.  Trust the Lord, and never think you know better than Him.  Trust His guidance even through the "parts" of your service to Him that you "have memorized" or that you "already know".  Never relax on being guided by Him and doing His will. 

It was embarrassing!  We should have it memorized as missionaries and all the Spanish speakers heard me mess up on it! And I do have it memorized but I learned a very valuable lesson.  It's amazing because I did not mess up at any other parts and I was doing it live, which is hard.  Especially for Hermana Pack. She talks FAST.  But, I could keep up, so long as I had a prayer in my heart.  Amazing experience that taught me so much!

The Zone training went well.  I feel like I learn more preparing for it then I do going to the ones where I'm not giving the training! I also have fallen in love with speaking in public.  My public speaking and communication skills have bloomed while serving as a missionary.  It's been an amazing blessing. 

It's been a great week!!!  Hard at times, but always rewarding.  A week of miracles!!!!  I love you all!!  Have an amazing week!!

Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡el reino de dios o nada!
¡hurah por israel!

Week 91 - August 17, 2015

We only could meet with Lolo on Friday, and haven't seen him since.  Please, please, please pray for him!!  I'm a little worried, but not a ton because I know that the Lord is in charge.  He's got Lolo in His hands:)  We will be passing by today. Thanks for your prayers in his behalf these past week, but let's keep begging together and in the end, the results will be even sweeter, the happiness even more pure for all we have gone through to help him.

We are continuing to teach Elizabeth.  She has trouble understanding everything completely but has a lot of faith and feels good when we pass by:)  So little by little we will continue to help her. 

A lady from the ward came up to us and said, "My daughter wants to get baptized, what do we need to do?"  So we are going to start going over tomorrow to start teaching her!  We are really excited about that.

The miracle of the week is a man named Roberto.  He found us on the metro, he called out to us, "mormones!!" and started to tell us how he had been to all sorts of churches and he hasn't liked any of them yet.  He came to our appointment the next day. Had started to read in the Book of Mormon.  He began to explain to us that he has been an alchoholic for much of his life.  He isn't allowed in his parents house.  He doesn't have contact with his 20-year-old daughter and has hit absolute rock bottom but he says despite his depression, he knows God exists and he wants to find the Savior.  He is reading and praying and is really excited. We gave him a white shirt and a tie and he put it on and was almost in tears.  He is so happy to just come and speak with us and read in the Book of Mormon because it brings him peace.  Pray for his happiness.  He is struggling but I know he will find healing.  He has such sincerity and real intent! 

It's been a good week.  My companion is doing good!  He makes awesome Peruvian food and is a great kid:)  I've really enjoyed my time with him.  I'm learning so much!!  It's pretty cool to have a native companion.  It's a really neat experience!!  100% of my life in Spanish right now.  Like every bit.  It's super awesome.  I feel beyond fluent in Spanish at this point in my mission but don't worry if I come home and my English is a lot better than most foreign missionaries, (it won't be perfect I don't think, but it will be good, and I don't know if I'll have issues with remembering words!)  Thanks to my translating experience I've maintained my English pretty well:) 

Keep the faith!!  My spiritual challenge this week is simply that we strive to have daily scripure study, and as we go to the scriptures we need to take our problems and that which we are pleading with our Father to the scriptures and seek answers.  It's something simple, but that's the beauty of the restoration of the gospel, it's a gospel of beautiful simplicity.  I want to hear from everyone this week how they found answers to their questions, or trials, or problems in the scriptures.

May God bless every single one of you.  I love you all!  God lives.  Jesus is the Christ.  He is risen. 

Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡Hurah por Israel!
¡El reino de Dios o nada!