Monday, July 7, 2014


Well this week was a solid one!!  Monday night we went to visit Leo.  His mother hasn't had time to meet with us yet, but tonight we are hoping for a lesson with her!!!  Leo broke his foot so we visited him a few times this week and are helping him make the decision to serve a mission!  He would be an incredible missionary and we have been trying hard to help him go.  He's nervous, but still has till next year so he's got time.  Tuesday we taught Rafael in the morning and we talked about the 10 commandments and, of course, he says he is willing to live them.  Great lesson!!  He told us after that he is so glad that he is talking with us, because he feels a peace when he is with us and that he knows he needs to follow this because on judgement day God's going to say, "What did you do when Anderson and Christensen came to you and taught you my word?",  and he said "If I deny this God on judgement day will say, "Look that's you!", and pull up a big screen and say, "That's you with Anderson and Christensen" and he´ll zoom in and say "Look, why didn't you listen to them?" And he said I just need to follow this. I know its true.  Later that day we met with Javier, Leo, the Bueno family, and Marcelo.  The next day we also met with a ton of less actives and recent converts and honestly that was the great majority of this week.  Meeting with Alina, Graciela, and then the ones from Tuesday as well.  We are working with them and trying to get references from them and trying to teach their family members and friends and they all have people they want us to get with but honestly we haven't seen anything come of it. Javier's wife isn't listening to us.  We haven't been able to get a hold of Demetir's mom in any way.  Just been super frustrating.

We are working hard, and have seen a lot go well with the retention.   As missionaries, we need to follow the rules.  There have been missionaries here in the past who loved to just go and socialize with members and not focus on the work at hand.  And that did some things with members were not appropriate as members and now that there are missionaries who care and want to work the members are frustrated because its not fun and easy anymore. Anyways, enough ranting and raving.  Despite the lack of investigators it's been good. The people we have been visiting are doing well and all have solid testimonies and are working hard to get to the temple, and to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. So it has been a good week!  The Fourth of July was good and, as always, on Friday we play futbol with ward members and investigators.  The hermana missionaries made shirts for us to wear haha they were awesome!  They were American flags, said America, and where the stars go it said B4 (Barrio 4, 4th ward) they were awesome!!  and futbol was way fun as always.  I've become a fan.  haha!  

The thing that made this entire week worth it was what happened Sunday.  We met Rafael and walked with him to the chapel and, as you all know, it's fast Sunday and he went up to the stand and bore his testimony!!!!  He told everyone he was here because the missionaries invited him, and he felt amazing when he walked in, and that all he wants to do is get to know you "personas maravillosas" (marvelous people) and then finished it off with I want to get baptized.  Being here I have no doubt this is all true.  It was probably the greatest experience I have had on my entire mission.  It was so powerful!!!  We met with him after church and he loved it.  He was participating like crazy in class and just was loving everything.  We are planning his baptismal service for the 19th of July.  He has been the biggest miracle ever and I am so grateful to have been blessed to know him.  He is an amazing man and has taught me so much.  I am so excited for him!!!!  Despite the difficulties, it's things like that that make everything worth it.  I love this work.  It's hard, but worth every second. 

For the spiritual thought this week, I want to direct it to the kids.  Don't you ever forget the blessing you have of having your parents.  During this difficulty with the ward I remembered their words of,  "Every problem has a solution, and every solution takes time".  It's not going to be an easy fix and it will take time to repair things that have built up for a long time and as we strive to fix the problems it will be tough, and will take a long time.  But it's the advice and wisdom of Mom and Dad that help me remember it is possible.  Just like Alma the Younger in Alma 36:17 when he remembered the words of his father, it got him through his toughest moment  and it is getting me through mine.  So all of you, listen to Mom and Dad and remember their words and treasure them up because I promise you it will help you one day down the road.  Don't forget how lucky you are!!  Love you all!!!!  Have an amazing week!!!!:) Keep praying for who to give that Book of Mormon to! 

Elder Anderson

¡El Reino de Dios o Nada!

Our Shirts - Happy Independence Day!

A drawing Ainoa, the 5 year old daughter of Javier, made for us.

Ainoa and Elder Anderson (me)