Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 96 - September 21, 2015

Well it was a great week!  We had the leadership council and man it was
amazing.  We discussed the Sabbath Day and the sacrament and how we
can better teach repentance and help people repent before baptism.  It
was (as always) just an amazing experience.

The zone training we gave went amazing as well.  The spirit was strong
and I learned so much from it.  I feel like the missionaries learned as

So we helped a man in the metro.  He was an old man who had been lost
for 3 hours and so we offered to take him to his metro stop.  We had
been on our way to pass by and I feel like the Lord sent us in that
direction to help that man.

I got to see Miguel and Silvia on Saturday!!!  We ate lunch together
and it was so good to see them!  They are working on preparing to get
married in the temple.  They have a ways to go but they'll get there!

I also got permission to call Nadya and I had a great conversation
with her.  She's doing good.  She is working on getting back to church
there's just some issues there but she was so grateful for my call and
said whenever I want to go to Russia, I'll have a place to stay.

Miyaret was baptized!!!  It was a great day!  We almost had a Graciela
fiasco repeat (the "I won't get baptized if I have to wear that"
scandal).  It wasn't to that extreme but she did not want to wear the
jumpsuit and the mom was mad.  So she wore one that was way too big for
her.  I have developed a lot more patience 'cause I handled this situation a lot 
better than we did the Graciela one. Haha but in the end it was an amazing day!! 
Her less-active father also came to the baptism and we got to meet him and  
were gonna start helping him.

We found Agustin (a man from Ghana) he is a less-active and we finally
passed by at a time he was home.  He was super excited to see us and to
meet again!!  He is an elder and was a counselor in the young men's
presidency so we're gonna work on getting him back:)

It was a great week!!!  I also got to go on an intercambio with elder
Overson!  It was super fun!!  We were able to reminisce about old times
in B9 and as we taught together it was just like we never had been
apart.  It was super fun!!

Great week!!!  We are now in week 6 so there are transfers this
Saturday and the next time I email you it will be the first week of
my final transfer.

Cool to hear you talked with Elder Peterson's mom! I'd love to meet his parents!
He's a great kid and a great missionary and I count him as one of my
companions.  I go on so many splits with him and we have a great time.
Super cool!

Thanks for all your prayers!! I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!

Elder Anderson
¡Hurah por Israel!
¡El reino de dios o nada!

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Elder Overson and Elder Anderson 
comps in B9- on intercambios together

Miyaret's Baptism

Elder Anderson, Miguel & Silvia