Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 100 - October 19, 2015

Dear mom,

Thanks so much for the email mom. It helped me so much. It's a very
emotional time in my mission and it's so comforting to hear that from
you. I try so hard to be a true disciple and I know I'm not perfect
but it's what I'm striving for. So thank you mom!!

To answer your food question I have just been eating healthy foods
lately in the piso. And with members well we haven't eaten much. But
when we did we ate Cuban food haha. Haven't had much seafood at all.
Oh and the Germans make good food! They made bratwursts and sour kraut
so I assumed that was really German. Haha

This week was a good week. We did A LOT of work in the area book. My
companion has been making a ton of calls to practice talking to people
in Spanish so that's helped him! We have been setting things up with
people we meet in the street and from the area book but not much has
come through yet. A lot of stuff has fallen through, but we will keep
trying!! That's what the mission is all about.

We were making some plans on Thursday to meet with the Bishop and we
were praying for the opportunity to meet with him and we were planning
on setting something up with him when we saw him on Sunday. Then
Thursday night he called the other elders and said "elders I want to
meet tomorrow. Let's meet at 11" so that was the absolute biggest
miracle. We were able to finally talk with him and start to work with

While making calls in the area book we called a lady named Elia. She
seemed kind of skeptical about meeting but she agreed to meet. She had
been meeting with sisters about a year ago. We arrived at the
designated spot and she came around the corner with her son. She was a
little worried because we were strangers calling her and she didn't
know who we were but in the end we taught them about the restoration
and we were starting to develop a good relation with her and her son
José. We will be meeting again with them tonight. We are really

I have had a lot of fun training!! It's great to have a companion who
wants to be obedient and work hard. He's progressing and his Spanish
is coming along well. I speak to him (or try to at least) in Spanish
all day. It's super fun. What's funny is I'm super excited for the
time he will have in the mission and he's super excited for me to get
home haha.  He says it's going to be a whole different world. He's 
hilarious and I'm bummed I've only got 3 more weeks with him. 
The 12 week training program is amazing!!! I love it and I'm learning a ton.

I love you all. It doesn't seem real that I will only be emailing 2
more times after this. I feel like I will be out here for forever.
Have an amazing week and never forget who we all represent as his

Spiritual thought for the week is the following invitation, which I
will proceed with a couple things from this week. The ward put on a
theatrical presentation about the people waiting in the spirit world
for us to find them. (A great man in the ward name Emilio wrote the
whole thing and put it on) and it got me super excited to do family
history work. On Sunday during 12 weeks we discussed how we could use
family history in the work. And I can feel "el espíritu de Elías" as
we say in Spanish. The spirit of Elijah. Lately when we have been in
the chapel waiting for things I have been trying to do family history
on my iPad and now I am even more excited thanks to this week. My
invitation to all of you is to set some goals and go research a little
about our ancestors. And try and find some names we can take to the
temple. I found Alfonso V and Alfonso VI (kings of Castile y Léon, a
part of my mission) in one of our lines. There are amazing stories and
people waiting for us to find. So go find them! I promise that as you
do so you will be filled with the spirit of the lord and as the
apostles have promised you will have a greater protection from the
temptations of this world, you will be protected from the fiery darts
of the adversary. I promise you'll be filled with "el espíritu de
Elías" because that is what has happened to me.

Love you all!! Have an amazing week!!!

A lot down, 3 to go.

Elder Anderson
¡El reino de dios o nada!
¡Hurah por Israel!