Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 101 - November 2, 2015

Dear Mom,

I haven't had time to be trunky and I honestly don't feel like I'm going home. everything is so surreal and I am frankly in shock. But this is it. The last email!

Mixed feelings is an understatement! but the only way to describe it. I feel numb,Ii feel like I'll just keep on working after next week but I know it's over, and I don't want to leave, but it's time to see you guys and all that fun stuff. 

All people talk about is me leaving!! haha but it's alright, there is too much work to do so I'm not getting distracted. 

We found one new investigator this week whose name is Ricardo. We talked to him about the restoration and families and he was really liking it. He is from Venezuela and he has talked with missionaries before so we are really excited about him. He also has 2 daughters and a wife, so we will be trying to meet with them too. 

We had a trainer's and trainees meeting and once again it was a meeting that I got a whole different experience than everyone else because I was asked to translate for the natives. (the meeting was in English) and as always it was a miracle. My brain was fried afterwards, as always, but I was once again able to be a testimony of the gifts of the spirit. 

I also translate at church for the Hermano hein  and so I've been speaking a lot of English lately, but I'm also pretending to be a native this week for my comp. I won't speak English to him and I act like a don't speak it so this has been and will be super fun!! 

President Pack is an amazing president. he's an amazing man and I'm so happy to have served under him and President Jackson.  Men who have shaped my life. 

I will work hard until the end!!!  I was reading this morning and my thoughts were "how will I endure to the end?" and I was reading through the last part of the Saviors life and I read in John 13:1 and it said that he knew his life was about to be over but what he did showed us an example of the key to endurance, "los amó hasta el fin." "he loved them until the end". I   got my answer.  In dad's email he said "that which we serve we love." and that is truth. I have grown to love these people. I now love these people as my own. At times I think I should have been born a madrileño! (¡debería de haber nacido madrileño!). People tell me all the time "you are super Spanish"  "you do that because you´ve turned into a Spaniard". I've become one of them  and I love them with all of my heart.  The key to my enduring to the end lies in loving them until the end. The savior did so, and I will do the same. I will love them to the end and I will work hard until the last second. I love you all!!! 

I love you mom.  Thank you for loving me with a love I didn't know existed before.  I have felt of your love and support through every moment in the field. I always knew my mother back home was right their supporting me and loving me through it all. Thanks for the prayers. Thanks for your words of comfort, love, and help. Thanks for bearing me, carrying me, delivering me. Those messianic words Elder Holland spoke of have new meaning to me after everything you have done for me while I have been in the Lord's service. I love you and am forever indebted to you for what you have done for me. I love you mother. You are the most deserving among women of that title. My Mother is the best of the best. Thank you. Everyone here in La Laguna knows how amazing you are and how excited Ii am to see you.  When they ask if I'm ready to leave my response is always "No, but I am ready to see my mother again."

I love you.

Till next week,
Elder Jarrett Anderson

 A spider on the island of Tenerife - As big as my palm!

 At the top of El Tiede

Above the clouds at the top of El Tiede