Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 95 - September 14, 2015


Well it was a great week. 

Like absolutely amazing. 

First off my companion has turned his attitude around 100%. Out of the blue, I don't know what happened, nor why it changed but it was a 100% difference this week. We studied 6 of the 7 days and it was unreal. 

We have been working hard and it was just an amazing week. I am just extremely happy right now.

This week we were working a lot with the ward leaders. We have begun to go one by one to the home teachers and train them on how to home teach and how to minister.  It's been a great opportunity to help the ward grow and progress.  It's been awesome! 

We made the call to repentance!! and it went fantastic!!!  Things have completely changed as well.  We just needed time and to have a chance to talk to them.  We talked about where our hearts are and having the attitude of Nephi and obeying because we know the Lord commands it. 

The baptism was changed to next weekend so I will let you know how it goes next week:) but she passed her interview so all we need is to finish planning everything!!

We found an inactive whose name is Patricia and it was amazing.  She was so grateful for our visit and was almost in tears.  She kept saying, "It's time to come back, I need to come back".

Sorry for the short email!!  but it was an absolutely amazing week.  This week will be great we've got the leadership council and a zone training. 

I just hope you guys know how much I love you.  The work is going great.  We worked a ton with the ward this week and I'm really excited.  I did some shopping today for the family and I think I got a couple cool things:)  I'll be getting some more in the future:)

I love you all!!  So glad all is well back home!!

Have an amazing week!:)

Elder Jarrett Anderson