Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 101 - October 26, 2015

I don't really have any time at all but we are continuing to work hard
and try and find people. Still waiting on the fruits. We tore through
the area book and we are now passing by all the members to try and
develop a relationship because for some reason it's hard to on
Sundays. We have a new ward mission leader and he is great. He will
do great things for this ward. But in the meantime we are still
scouring and bearing testimony. I know it will pay off someday. Thanks
for your words mom. They're what I needed. I know I'm doing what the
Lord needs me to do. And I need to do it until the end because I am
doing some good.

I know God is at the helm. And it's taking a lot of faith to open this
area but I know he is guiding us. It's been a week of progress and
things are picking up.

We went to El Teide today (measured from the bottom of the ocean,
which is its bottom, it is the third tallest mountain in the world or
something like that) So we went there with President Pack today and wow it
was beautiful!!!  I will send some pictures.

Have an amazing week!! I will send a good final email next week. And I
will also be sending a letter that I want you to read on the way
to the airport. So if it says "aeropuerto" on it. Don't open it yet!
Until you're coming to pick me up.

Love you all. Have an amazing week!!!