Monday, March 30, 2015

"Are we not a branch of the house of Israel?" 1 Nephi 15:12

Dear Mom,

As I write this to you I am listening to He is Risen!  One of your favorites, and I am so grateful for the testimony of our risen Lord and Savior that I have developed during these 16 months as a missionary.  I cannot believe it is already April and conference already and I am so excited! 

In Spain, they have what are called processions.  I have only seen people walking around with olive branches in their hands, but I have yet to see a procession.  I didn't see them in A Coruña last year, nor did I see anything yesterday.  I haven't really sought them out and we have been working in other parts of the city.  But, maybe I'll see something at some point! 

Sometimes callings and assignments add a burden on top of everything else we have to do but, the lord magnifies us just as you said.  Give him your best and we will get you through it all.  Also, enjoy every second, that's whats important because it can be fun!  We are in the work of the Lord, the most important work ever and the work that brings the most happiness.  Come what may, and love it.  Just smile!  Because if we are happy that means we are doing it right. 

We have some good things going for us! 

Sandra is going good. She is still loving when we visit her. She is doing really well. Still on date for the 25th of April. We are going to be visiting her tonight. 

Osasu and Osaheni were going to receive the priesthood but there was a mixup.  We will see when we have those interviews. Super frustrating. But! they are doing really good and are preparing well. 

Elder Eskelson who I served with in B9 found a guy named Rick from the Dominican Republic and gave us the reference. We come to find out while meeting with him he is a member who was baptized there and hasn't come to church in his 10 years here in Spain. He came to church last Sunday for the first time again!!!  So cool!!!  He is loving the Book of Mormon and asked us the other day about the gathering of Israel and the blessings of Abraham and we talked about the temple with him and he has put going to the temple as his goal!  So cool!!  He is a great guy and it's a miracle to get to work with him. 

Other than that.  Lots of contacting. 

We had a fireside last night with Brad Wilcox.  It was amazing. (and super cool he spoke in Spanish)  He talked about how sometimes we will have the question, Why? why this? why that? and he said the answer was Birthright.  He talked about the 12 tribes and our responsibilities as being a part of the house of Israel.  It was incredible!!!!!  It has been something that has been on my mind a lot lately as I have been reading through the end of 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi.  It gave me so much hope.  The blood of Israel is my blood.  I have been so blessed, now it's my turn to go out and gather scattered Israel.  He said we are not here to gather everyone, or baptize everyone, but rather, prepare the way for the day when the lamb comes and we can hand the church to Him, and so it is ready so that when everyone does want to get baptized (because as he said: Jesus will come and say "I'm a mormon!" and everyone's going to be filling the agendas of the missionaries and seeking them out rather than what we are doing right now).  What we are doing now is preparing the way for that.  It brought hope, and renewed vigor to the work.  So never forget that!!!  The prophets this weekend, the prophets will be speaking to Israel.  The world is not going to be listening, nor will hear them.  But Israel will be listening and heeding their words.  Never forget who we are. 

I love you all!!!

¡Hurah por Israel!

Elder Jarrett Anderson

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Madre mía,

Well it was another long week to be honest.  We have been working hard but not a ton of fruits.  We spend a lot of time in the street and we just have not been able to find many news.  I'm being as obedient as possible and I'm dragging my companion along with.  I've been trying so hard.  My companion struggles with the schedule and I feel like I'm babysitting him sometimes but it's also been one of the most incredible experiences ever.  I have learned so much patience and I am truly learning to love him.  At times it's very difficult but President Jackson called me the other day and said thanks for what I am doing with him and for my help and said that he will "reverence my name forever" for the help I am giving him.  So I know it will be worth it.  Mom, you wouldn't recognize me!!  I am so pleased with my personal progress and how much I am growing and continue to grow.  I'm just upset with the lack of progress in the area.  But it's okay because some good things happened this week. 

We set a date for baptism with Sandra.  The lady from Nigeria who is the wife of Joe the recent convert. It's for the 25th of April!!  She's progressing little by little and is really enjoying the lessons. 

As well, the recent converts have their priesthood interviews this week!!!!  Super excited for that!!  Osasu and Osaheni will be receiving the Aaronic priesthood!!!

We have a bunch we have found in the street but none have turned into investigators yet.  Still trying to meet with them. But none of them can. 

I am really enjoying being the district leader.  It's been an amazing experience and I have grown a ton from it.  I've learned so much about the organization of the church.  I've learned how to correctly work with leaders and I know that will bless me later on.  I've truly come to understand church and priesthood government and why the Lord works this way.  I've also really enjoyed giving district meetings!!  They have been incredible experiences.  Every time someone has told me after that the spirit has testified to them and helped them with exactly what they needed.  It's ben an amazing experience!!! 

Just keep this area in your prayers.  We will eventually find people!!!  I know we will.  I hope to bring news of an amazing week next week.  I love you all!!  Thanks for everything!!!!:)

Elder Anderson

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

No letter this week.  He sent a short letter to his Dad so we know he is well and happy. :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

The packages are a miracle!!!!  So cool!!!:)  Prayers are always answered and I'm so glad that one was:)  Thank you so much for your faith!!! 

In regards to changes in the district we had 3 changes.  Elder Vallejos is now with another elder from peru named Elder Esquen and Hermana Santiago is now training a sister from California named Hermana Olsen.  Where I am basically looks like Madrid but it's a lot cleaner than my old area.  It's a smaller "town" you might say but the area is really large with a lot of smaller towns that are a part of it.  We do the majority of our work in the town of Torrejon.  It's pretty much the same as my other areas but the work always seems to be a little different no matter where you go.  I really enjoy it though. 

I actually have been eating well.  Here the members feed us everyday and so my entire budget has gone to buying a good breakfast and fruits and vegetables.  You would be proud of how I'm eating!!!  P-days have been good.  We went to Parque Europa the last week of last transfer and it was super cool!!!  I'll send some fotos.  We have a ward here and it's pretty big and has been growing a lot in the past year.  This is a very good area!  I'm loving it. 

This week was an interesting one.  The truth about last transfer was there wasn't a whole lot of progression and it was a tough one.  We baptized 3 but now we are left with nothing.  So this week we started from scratch.  

My companion is really amazing though.  He is the nicest person I have EVER met in my entire life!  He has a heart of gold and really loves being a missionary so I am very excited to work with him.

We met with our recent converts this week and Osasu has been talking about how excited he is to go to the temple to do the work for his mother, brother and sister who have all passed on.  He is always talking about how excited he is. 

We have also started teaching the wife of a recent convert.  His name is Joe and his wife's name is Sandra.  We are extremely excited because after a long time of not showing interest she is coming out with a lot of questions and more desires to learn.  It's been super cool!! 

Honestly other than that it was just a long week of finding and what seemed like not a lot of success.  We are happy though and I know the Lord is proud of our work. 

So mom, don't worry about me I'm doing great!!!  I'm so happy to be here and I am learning so much about who my Father in Heaven is and what he expects of us.  I'm happy, healthy, and loving life :)  so don't worry about me like mothers tend to do:)  I'm no longer a little boy and so I want you to know your heart can be at ease.  Your son is okay:)  Just thought I'd let you know that:)

I will continue to let you know as the work increases!!  Sorry there isn't much this week.  It was one of those boring, long work weeks (although it was super fun for me and I loved it!!!)  but the more exciting stuff for you guys will come later!! 

For the spiritual thought I have been reflecting a lot lately in who we were before this earth life.  We were all there.  We all accepted the plan because we all wanted to grow up and be like daddy.  You sustained Jehovah as our future Savior and Redeemer and with that sustaining promised you'd do your best on this earth.  Don't ever forget it didn't start in this world. You made the right choices before and your eternal nature is to be obedient!!  You can do it here as well.  Let your spirit be in control of your body because that spirit you have was well prepared for this earth life.  Now you are here to prove that you will be faithful in your testimony of Jesus Christ (because those of us with the gospel have been blessed with it) so keep going!!  Keep trying!  Use the atonement to improve!  At times we fall but that's the beauty of it.  Our Savior suffered so that we could get up again.  Never give up!!  Embrace the gospel and you will be blessed.  I love you all!!!  Have an amazing week!!!! 

Elder Jarrett Anderson 

¡Hurah por Israel!

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

I don't have a ton of time but I have a new companion.  His name is Elder Roka.  He is from the Canary Islands and is super awesome!!!  He is in his third transfer and he only speaks Spanish.  Super excited to work with him!!!

I'm so sorry I don't have a ton of time.  I will be sending a better one and pictures next week!!  There's just a lot we have to do with transfers.  It was a good week.  A very long week and frustrating at points but we made it through.  We haven't found anybody new to teach and it's been very frustrating.  But!  I have a good feeling about this first week of the transfer!

But!!! so you know, we did have the baptisms of Paolo, Osasu, Osaheni, and 2 from the Hermanas.  Super amazing weekend!!!  The baptism was so powerful as they all bore extremely powerful testimonies after. 

i love you all!!  I hope you all know how much I appreciate you and your support.  It gets me through a lot.  Thanks!!

I don't know what to do about the package.  It was sent by regular mail.  I have no clue.  I'm gonna see if I can find out anything else this week. 

Elder Anderson