Monday, January 26, 2015

February 26, 2015

Well to answer questions:  1) The sword cost like 70 to ship home but they do that special for missionaries at that store with that sword.  2) I have not received the letters yet.  I will at the mission tour in February, or if we have Zone Conference. 

Well this week was AMAZING!!!  I was pretty nervous the first couple of days preparing for the district meeting but in the end it went amazingly well.  It was incredible.  We talked about John 10:14 and how the Lord knows us and how we can come to know him through our obedience (using 1 John 2:3) and it was powerful.  I asked one of the hermanas to speak on how she has come to know that Christ knows her.  She spoke about how she wasn't able to go on a mission for whatever reason until she was 25 and she never understood why but now after contemplating it she has come to realize that because of everyone she has come in contact with at this time and with the friend she was able to help become a member before her mission, the Lord knows her and her needs perfectly.  She said it was an answer to her prayers to be able to speak on that and she now knows why it took so long.  It was amazing and very powerful.  I'm very excited to lead this district.  They are all incredible missionaries.  There are 6 of us.  Me and Elder Malan.  Elder Voss (4-5 months in the mission, from Ohio, and super proud the Buckeyes won the state championship and he just finished getting trained by Elder Smith, my old companion!) and Elder Vallejos (from Peru but has lived in Spain since he was 5.  He's a convert of three years and has an amazing story. Incredible missionary. Just a machine.)  Hermana Palomino (originally from Ecuador but lived here in Spain as well.  This is her last transfer in the mission.  Super great missionary as well. Hermana Santiago (from Texas. she's super cool and has the same time as Elder Voss).  I love this place and my district!!! Elder Malan is hilarious.  Just the funniest guy ever.  He is a very hard worker and a great missionary.  He is not trunkee at all.  He jokes about it but he's doing amazing.  It's going to be a great transfer with him.  He's from Draper and went to Jordan High school!  He sang in madrigals and wrestled so we get along extremely well! 

The area is beautiful.  Very clean.  It's exactly how those pictures make it look, I assume.  But the crazy thing is this place is Africa. Let me explain, there are just a lot of Africans, like half the ward.  From Nigeria,  Equatorial Guinea,  Ghana.  The majority are from Nigeria.  It's amazing.  The greatest people ever.  So humble and receptive to the gospel.  We have 3 people on baptismal date right now.  First, Paolo from Venezuela (he has Italian parents though).  He is dropping smoking and has had some crazy family situations in past with his ex-wife but he is so happy to have found the gospel.  We are helping him find peace and consolation and healing through the atonement.  It's amazing.  He is so happy and will give you the biggest hug when he sees you.  He's an amazing guy!  We also have Osasu from Nigeria.  Super humble and is passing through some tough trials but is getting happier as he has found the gospel.  He told us this is what he wants.  He wants to get baptized and he knows it because he's prayed about it.  Super cool.  The last is Osaheni from Nigeria.  Super humble but cool guy.  He loves meeting with us and coming to church.  He said if it wasn't what he wanted he wouldn't come.  He is doing awesome!!!

Last thing, I had my first baptismal interview this week!!!  I was super nervous.  Not going to lie.  I was nervous the day before but I woke up the next day feeling very confident and ready.  As I went in the spirit was so strong.  As she began to answer questions and I inquired as to her readiness and her level of repentance I felt the hand of the Lord there and I felt the spirit speak through me and guide me through it.  One of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. 

I am so grateful the Lord answered your prayers with that letter.  I don't have much time.  We got haircuts that took forever so I have no time.  I will not be able to write Dad but tell him I read his letter and I love him.  Thank you for everything!!!  I love you all!!!!  Thanks for everything!!!!! 

Elder Jarrett Anderson

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