Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 6 - Transfer Week - January 12, 2015

Elder Anderson and Joseph

Wow.  What a week it was at home!!  My prayers are continually answered and there is lots more to be praying for.  I'm glad all is going well with all of the siblings!  Thanks for keeping me updated on them:) 

I hope all goes well with Dad's surgery.  He seems kind of nervous for it but I know all will go well:)

Well this week was a really good week!!!  Another week of being beyond busy.  There has been no time to even sit and think about anything else. We have been working so hard and it was a very fruitful week! 

So the highlights of the week!  Joseph, a man from Ghana, Africa.  We have been teaching him and he has come to church two weeks in a row now.  He doesn't speak much Spanish but he really enjoys it.  He at some times has trouble understanding the doctrine but he is coming along.  He has a baptismal date for the 28th of February.  Just an adorable innocent man from Africa.  Elder Anderson (my comp) was falling asleep during a lesson with him cause he was super tired and he closed his eyes for just a second and Joseph all of the sudden said, "Are you sleeping?" hahaha!  Super funny.  Just totally called him out on it! 

Second, Luis and Ines  are good to go for the 17th!!!  They will be getting baptized this Saturday, given they pass their interview (Thursday) so expect baptismal pictures next week! 

Third, Daniel and Melbi.  They were thinking about moving out so that she could get baptized but after prayer and looking at their financial situation they have decided they cannot financially do it.  It was very sad to get that news.  They are looking to try and get married the end of this year. (I'll probably be home before it all works out and she's baptized.) super sad, but it will be an incredible day the day I get the news she gets baptized.  He is an amazing man and she is amazing as well.  I am just glad I got to be there to see the miracle of him return to the church.  The Lord will watch over them though. 

Alberto and Rosi, our evangelical investigators, came to church last week and they said it was different then theirs. (I figured they would say that).  He said it was more peaceful and calm and I testified that it was the spirit testifying to him of the truthfulness of this church.  He continues to have A LOT of doubts about the Book of Mormon but little by little he is getting there.  He doesn't seem to have true intent yet.  But he is, little by little, gaining it. 

Last night we went on splits and I went and taught the Young Single Adult family home evening.  I taught them about the introduction of the Book of Mormon.  It was going good and the purpose was to know how to share it with others but none of them had really had any experiences with finding out the book was true.  Maybe two.  So it turned into "converting ourselves" and the desire to share that will come as we know these things are true.  It was a powerful meeting.  The spirit was strong and I could feel it working in them.  It was an incredible meeting. 

We also got invited over to a members home last week to give the husband a blessing. It turned into us finding out they had been doing a family fast because both the parents were sick (the husband pretty bad) and we gave them all blessings and we are now working on reactivating the father.  The families name is the Carrasco Family.  He was the ward mission leader couple years back but has since become inactive but we taught a powerful lesson 3 with them.  We compared the joy they felt on their day of sealing to the happiness they will have when living the gospel.  It was so powerful!!!  I'm excited to work with them.  They are a good family. 

Well Kings Day.  They believe that the 3 Kings come and give the presents on this day. (on the 6th they open their Christmas presents) everything closes down on the 5th in the afternoon and they have big parades that night and then everything is closed the next day.  It's kind of like Christmas Eve and Christmas in the U.S. here.  It's pretty cool!! 

Well for the spiritual thought this week!!  There is a scripture that talks about how "jesus went about doing good".  Now, I found another scripture that described what the father of lies goes about doing.  Read it and think about "where do i stand"?  Do I follow the example of Christ and go about doing good, serving and lifting others?  Or do I go about doing what satan does?  Do I watch my words, actions and thoughts in every moment?  and the last How can i improve? because there is always room for improvement.  Follow his example!  Do as he did and we will be blessed.  I promise you that. The Scripture is Helaman 16:22.

Hope this week is amazing for you guys!!!!  Can't wait to continue hearing about all your adventures!!!  Love you all!!! Thanks for everything!!!

Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡Hurah por Israel!