Monday, January 5, 2015

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! por la segunda vez

Wow.  I cannot believe it's 2015 either.  I just finished up the whole year that I will be on a mission.  All of 2014 was spent in the mission and this is it.  Just another thing that gives me the drive to work my absolute hardest every single day.  I'm so glad the vacations have been so great!!!  It sounds like everything is going amazing back home and that makes me happy! It really hasn't been too terribly cold here in Madrid.  It's cold but I've been pretty pleased with the weather.  Not too bad! 

This week with the comps has been amazing.  I´ll tell you about it later.  Yes, I moved into their piso. For now we don't use [my piso] for anything.  We will see what happens at transfers.  What we have done is just teaching everyone.  All of their investigators and we've just added all of my investigators.  It's been great!  but extremely busy.  We are constantly running from appointment to appointment or doing splits with members to be able to get to everything.  It has been an AMAZING week!!! 

Happy Kings Day!!!!  1 more day and santa comes.  Well, the Three Kings come.  They don't really have Papa Noel here. They do, but only kind of.  They focus on Three Kings Day and they believe the three kings deliver the presents. 
kind weird!  But we will see how tommorow is. 

P-days.. hmm... last week we moved me in.  haha and then we took Elder Anderson my companion to the lake in our area. He'd never been there and this week we played futbol with a ton of other missionaries.  Super fun!!  we will see what we end up doing next week.  I'm not sure on the game or the fight yet.  Maybe a fight this summer.  I don't know we shall see. We would go to museums like the Prado and stuff but everything is closed on Mondays here.  Like all the tourist places, so we can't go to them.  Kinda a bummer!

Well this week was incredible!!!  Elder's Anderson and Gorge are amazing companions and I have loved every second of it.  Working every second of every single day and it's been great.  So rewarding spiritually.  Two amazing lessons that happened this week. 

1)  We had a lesson with Daniel and Melbi.  The law of chastity lesson.  They talked about how they have been setting goals to live it and to get married this year.  We then told them that they could move out and if they did that, didn't live together, she could get baptized.  They are so excited and are praying about it and I think they're going to do it.  PRAY YOUR HEARTS OUT FOR THEM!!!!!  We will find out this week!!!!

2)  Luis and Ines had a doubt about tithing and wanted to move their baptism back to March.  We had a lesson with them yesterday and we were on splits.  We had a member with me and Elder Anderson and the member said "I know what you are going through!  I've lived it!  I promise if you pay the Lord will provide."  We testified and promised blessings and read scriptures and the spirit wrought a mighty change in them and they are going to be baptized next week on the 17th.  It was one of the most powerful lessons I've ever been apart of.  So cool!!!!

(This turned into my spiritual thought. Read this for Family Home Evening!!)  THIS PARAGRAPH:  Thanks for all the love and support.  I cannot thank you enough.  Sometimes I wonder why the Lord tries us and why it gets so hard.  I have been through some tough things in life and wonder why?  Why me?  What did I do to deserve this.  But it is always in hindsight that I learn what the true purpose of it was.  I don't yet understand why the Lord put me through this one specifically but I do know it was His will.  He gave it to me to learn, to grow, and to become stronger.  Sometimes in the midst of the hard things I've gone through I remember the mormon message about the currant bush.  The "How could you do this to me?", and I remember the wise words that Dad told me at the beginning of my mission.  "You are the clay in the potters hand, let Him mold you."  I have what I want, and sometimes I want to be a shade tree and not the currant bush the Lord sees me becoming and has planned for me.  And He then gives me things to cut me down and turn me into that currant bush I am meant to be. It hurts to get cut and pruned while it's happening.  The molding process is not easy but the end result is a beautiful pot and the bush the Lord wants.  And looking back, I promise each one of us will say "Thank you for loving me enough to cut me down, for loving me enough to hurt me."  Because of what we have seen ourselves become.  So look for that.  Look for ways you have been cut and shaped and molded and remember in the midst of trials that the end result is beautiful.  I never thought the mission would be this trial filled but I know the end result is the man He wants me to be. 

Have an amazing week!!!!  Thanks for everything!!!!!!

Elder Jarrett Anderson