Monday, March 30, 2015

"Are we not a branch of the house of Israel?" 1 Nephi 15:12

Dear Mom,

As I write this to you I am listening to He is Risen!  One of your favorites, and I am so grateful for the testimony of our risen Lord and Savior that I have developed during these 16 months as a missionary.  I cannot believe it is already April and conference already and I am so excited! 

In Spain, they have what are called processions.  I have only seen people walking around with olive branches in their hands, but I have yet to see a procession.  I didn't see them in A Coruña last year, nor did I see anything yesterday.  I haven't really sought them out and we have been working in other parts of the city.  But, maybe I'll see something at some point! 

Sometimes callings and assignments add a burden on top of everything else we have to do but, the lord magnifies us just as you said.  Give him your best and we will get you through it all.  Also, enjoy every second, that's whats important because it can be fun!  We are in the work of the Lord, the most important work ever and the work that brings the most happiness.  Come what may, and love it.  Just smile!  Because if we are happy that means we are doing it right. 

We have some good things going for us! 

Sandra is going good. She is still loving when we visit her. She is doing really well. Still on date for the 25th of April. We are going to be visiting her tonight. 

Osasu and Osaheni were going to receive the priesthood but there was a mixup.  We will see when we have those interviews. Super frustrating. But! they are doing really good and are preparing well. 

Elder Eskelson who I served with in B9 found a guy named Rick from the Dominican Republic and gave us the reference. We come to find out while meeting with him he is a member who was baptized there and hasn't come to church in his 10 years here in Spain. He came to church last Sunday for the first time again!!!  So cool!!!  He is loving the Book of Mormon and asked us the other day about the gathering of Israel and the blessings of Abraham and we talked about the temple with him and he has put going to the temple as his goal!  So cool!!  He is a great guy and it's a miracle to get to work with him. 

Other than that.  Lots of contacting. 

We had a fireside last night with Brad Wilcox.  It was amazing. (and super cool he spoke in Spanish)  He talked about how sometimes we will have the question, Why? why this? why that? and he said the answer was Birthright.  He talked about the 12 tribes and our responsibilities as being a part of the house of Israel.  It was incredible!!!!!  It has been something that has been on my mind a lot lately as I have been reading through the end of 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi.  It gave me so much hope.  The blood of Israel is my blood.  I have been so blessed, now it's my turn to go out and gather scattered Israel.  He said we are not here to gather everyone, or baptize everyone, but rather, prepare the way for the day when the lamb comes and we can hand the church to Him, and so it is ready so that when everyone does want to get baptized (because as he said: Jesus will come and say "I'm a mormon!" and everyone's going to be filling the agendas of the missionaries and seeking them out rather than what we are doing right now).  What we are doing now is preparing the way for that.  It brought hope, and renewed vigor to the work.  So never forget that!!!  The prophets this weekend, the prophets will be speaking to Israel.  The world is not going to be listening, nor will hear them.  But Israel will be listening and heeding their words.  Never forget who we are. 

I love you all!!!

¡Hurah por Israel!

Elder Jarrett Anderson