Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

The packages are a miracle!!!!  So cool!!!:)  Prayers are always answered and I'm so glad that one was:)  Thank you so much for your faith!!! 

In regards to changes in the district we had 3 changes.  Elder Vallejos is now with another elder from peru named Elder Esquen and Hermana Santiago is now training a sister from California named Hermana Olsen.  Where I am basically looks like Madrid but it's a lot cleaner than my old area.  It's a smaller "town" you might say but the area is really large with a lot of smaller towns that are a part of it.  We do the majority of our work in the town of Torrejon.  It's pretty much the same as my other areas but the work always seems to be a little different no matter where you go.  I really enjoy it though. 

I actually have been eating well.  Here the members feed us everyday and so my entire budget has gone to buying a good breakfast and fruits and vegetables.  You would be proud of how I'm eating!!!  P-days have been good.  We went to Parque Europa the last week of last transfer and it was super cool!!!  I'll send some fotos.  We have a ward here and it's pretty big and has been growing a lot in the past year.  This is a very good area!  I'm loving it. 

This week was an interesting one.  The truth about last transfer was there wasn't a whole lot of progression and it was a tough one.  We baptized 3 but now we are left with nothing.  So this week we started from scratch.  

My companion is really amazing though.  He is the nicest person I have EVER met in my entire life!  He has a heart of gold and really loves being a missionary so I am very excited to work with him.

We met with our recent converts this week and Osasu has been talking about how excited he is to go to the temple to do the work for his mother, brother and sister who have all passed on.  He is always talking about how excited he is. 

We have also started teaching the wife of a recent convert.  His name is Joe and his wife's name is Sandra.  We are extremely excited because after a long time of not showing interest she is coming out with a lot of questions and more desires to learn.  It's been super cool!! 

Honestly other than that it was just a long week of finding and what seemed like not a lot of success.  We are happy though and I know the Lord is proud of our work. 

So mom, don't worry about me I'm doing great!!!  I'm so happy to be here and I am learning so much about who my Father in Heaven is and what he expects of us.  I'm happy, healthy, and loving life :)  so don't worry about me like mothers tend to do:)  I'm no longer a little boy and so I want you to know your heart can be at ease.  Your son is okay:)  Just thought I'd let you know that:)

I will continue to let you know as the work increases!!  Sorry there isn't much this week.  It was one of those boring, long work weeks (although it was super fun for me and I loved it!!!)  but the more exciting stuff for you guys will come later!! 

For the spiritual thought I have been reflecting a lot lately in who we were before this earth life.  We were all there.  We all accepted the plan because we all wanted to grow up and be like daddy.  You sustained Jehovah as our future Savior and Redeemer and with that sustaining promised you'd do your best on this earth.  Don't ever forget it didn't start in this world. You made the right choices before and your eternal nature is to be obedient!!  You can do it here as well.  Let your spirit be in control of your body because that spirit you have was well prepared for this earth life.  Now you are here to prove that you will be faithful in your testimony of Jesus Christ (because those of us with the gospel have been blessed with it) so keep going!!  Keep trying!  Use the atonement to improve!  At times we fall but that's the beauty of it.  Our Savior suffered so that we could get up again.  Never give up!!  Embrace the gospel and you will be blessed.  I love you all!!!  Have an amazing week!!!! 

Elder Jarrett Anderson 

¡Hurah por Israel!