Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Dear Mom,

So great to hear week after week that all is well at home.  As well, things are amazing here in Torrejón!   It was a rough week but a week filled with learning.  We have been working hard and been trying so hard to find new people to teach but every single lesson we have set with potential new investigators this entire transfer has failed us.  Not a single one has shown up, or been the right address, or anything and it was getting extremely tough.  Hard to keep spirits high and to continue working hard. But!  We did it and the blessings came.  We got our first new investigator of the transfer yesterday!! It was a miracle! and an amazing lesson.  I was so grateful to be able to teach a lesson one to somebody.  It was relieving and the spirit was very powerful.  I'm excited to meet with him!!  Osaheni is still doing good and so is Osasu.  Still going strong and loving it.  Osaheni once again laughed as we challenged him to live a commandment and said, "Don't worry, I already live it." (my absolute favorite response to inviting someone to live the commandments)  

Paolo hasn't smoked since the last time he did (wow that was redundant.)  I mean like a couple weeks ago.  He had his interview this past Friday and he PASSED!!!  wooh!!!!  We knew he was ready so we weren't really worried but he is dropping the smoking and I think as he receives the spirit he will be able to drop it for forever.  He will be baptized this Saturday.  He is an amazing man and even sang in the ward choir at stake conference yesterday!!  

The coolest thing is being back in the Madrid East Stake (the same stake as B4) and so stake conference was super cool hearing the same stake presidency as last time speak again.  I feel like the Madrid East Stake is my home stake since I've spent about 7 months of my mission in it so far.  Just move my membership records on over!!!  Also Elder Mendoza (area seventy) spoke.  Incredible experience.  My testimony of the functions of the priesthood leaders and the organization of the church has really grown as I have been able to see how they speak to the needs of the members here.  It's amazing how the Lord's system of church government is flawless and perfect.  There is no doubt this church is true.  

I really loved something Elder Mendoza spoke about.  In part of his talk he talked about how the spirit will give us the words in the exact moment that we need them.  He told a story about how he was visiting some people he didn't know and the spirit told him to open his mouth and he did and told a very personal story and it helped the family.  As I listened to him tell us this story I was contemplating on how the Lord uses every single one of us in His work, and all our talents, abilities, and experiences.  He will use our experiences for our personal instruction and then will use us and our experiences to teach others.  I realized how true that is.  As I have been through the things I have been through the Lord is now using my testimony of the atonement to bring others to the Savior's feet.  So remember that!  The Lord will use all of us and our stories to bring others to the Lord.  He uses all of us!!!  I love you all!!  Have an amazing week!!!  Love you!!!

Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡Hurah por Israel!

(In his letter to his Dad this week)
Oh, something I forgot to say in the letter to mom was this; at stake conference I  had the chance to see a ton of people from B4 and it was like being home.  What a tender mercy that was getting to hug Jaime and the bishop and talk to everyone again.  It all started when a little kid from the B4 primary came running up to say hi to me afterwards.  It was a huge blessing!!!  I didn't get to see Miguel or Silvia because they left before I could see them but they were there and are doing great!!!  I just wrote him cause a missionary who's in B4 said Miguel wants to hear from me.  Super amazing guy and I am praying with all my heart they get sealed in October!!!!  It would be incredible!!!  I'm so excited to read the Elder Holland talk!!!!  Such a blessing to be tutored by living witnesses and mouthpieces of the Lord.  This church is amazing!!!  Thanks for everything dad.  I love you!!!

Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡Hurah por Isreal!