Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear Mom,

The Lord truly knows us and loves us.  

This week was a long and weird one. Not a ton of progress in the area but definite progress personally.  After a long week of working with the investigators we have, we have 3 who will be getting baptized next week! Paolo (who has not smoked in two weeks), Osaheni, and Osasu.  It's going to be an awesome day on Friday because the Hermanas have 2 baptisms as well!!  It's going to be awesome!!  I had the chance to do their interviews and it was an extremely incredible experience. It took a lot to make sure my mind was completely focused, the spirit was completely there and that basically my mind was one with the Lords but it was an incredible experience as the Spirit testified to me of their readiness.  Incredible experience!!! 

We also had Elder Dyches of the Seventy come for the mission tour.  Amazing experience!!  I learned a ton and have a lot of goals of what I want to do to get better.  Extremely powerful day!

Well for the spiritual thought I wanted to share this thought really quick.  Do we know how to recognize the spirit and do we realize what a  powerful tool this constant companion is?  The Spirit is the connection between us and the ennabling power of the atonement.  We have an access to a power that is beyond anything we can understand.  Are we worthy of it in every moment? are we seeking its help? and how do we go about seeking the help of the Spirit?  The biggest thing I have learned this week about accessing the power of the Spirit is through prayer.  As we make an effort to truly converse with our Father in Heaven and build a relationship with him we are then able to have a greater ability to access the Spirit.  So my invitation this week is to analyze your prayers and your ability to feel the spirit.  I'd like to hear next week from all of you about your experiences!!

         This is at the talent show this week with Isaac, a recent convert, in his African King clothing. 
          (He wasn't a king but he still has the royal clothing) super cool!!