Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 86 - July 13, 2015

So cool you got to see my companions!  That's just really weird to me.  I feel like they are just in different parts of Spain. 

To answer your questions i should be getting the package this week!  We shall see:) and I bought a really cool leather bag:) It matches my scripture cases.  It's really cool!!! 

It was a good week.  Getting used to a new companion is always fun:)  He doesn't really talk too terribly much and so I'm trying to get him out of his shell.  I told president pack, "I hope I'm not talking his ear off with all my small talk!"  He's a great missionary though and I'm excited to serve with him.

Still have yet to meet President Pack.  We will be going to the temple on Wednesday and then going to a zone conference with him so I'll finally get to meet him!  I'm really excited:)  I did get to talk to Sister Pack on the phone, she accidentally called me and she has the coolest accent ever! haha:)  She's a true Louisianan. 

We started to teach one of the investigators of a companionship that got shut down during the transfer and she is awesome!  Her name is Talia and is from Peru. (from Trujillo. the same city and part of the city as Elder Esquen!) So that's cool:)  She is doing really well.  We have had some very powerful lessons with her and although she has some doubts about one of the commandments we are helping her gain her own testimony of these things.  She's great and is progressing well.  The only bummer is that she has to work sundays (during the summer) so for a while she won't be able to come to church. 

Vilma and Vanesa are both now on vacation but they are still both super excited for their baptism the 12th of September.  I just hope I don't get transferred before that day gets here! 

Lolo is starting to disappear and it's really sad.  We are going to keep trying with him. 

Will is just the greatest.  In the lesson the other day baptisms for the dead was mentioned and he told us, "Yeah, I've already been doing my family history.  I just can't find a few things on my mom's side but I'm looking!"  He is the greatest investigator I've ever had. and he's a great friend.  He's the nicest guy and I love meeting with him. 

It's been a good week and it was just another week of getting lost in the work.  It flew by.  We've also got another assignment from the Bishop.  He was sent a list of 20 families from the European area offices and so he asked us to find these people.  The relationship is great and we are continuing to work hard with the ward. 

Cool experience.  In sacrament meeting (and the Bishop had told us what the program was before because my companion was speaking).  Some people didn't take the alloted time and there was going to be a lot of time left.  So I sent a text to the Bishop that said, "If you need someone to talk to fill time, I can" and so they announced that I would speak and I walked up there having no clue what I was going to say.  So I walked up with a prayer in my heart and the thought came, talk of the hope of the atonement.  So I began to speak, and the words came.  It was incredible.  I testified of the love of Christ and how we can find hope in Him. 

I wanted to share that because I want to simply testify of the promise found in Doctrine and Covenants 100:4-6.  Trust in the promises of the Lord.  Every time I have opened my mouth as a missionary, it has been filled.  Not once has the spirit left me with no words in my mouth.  Not once.  My mouth has always been filled. and they aren't my words, rather those of the spirit.  I've learned of my true nothingness as a missionary.  I am a weak servant.  Alone I cannot do this but with His help, we can be instruments in His hands.  I have learned to gain a true trust in his promises because he never fails us. 

I love you all!!! Have an amazing week!! 

Elder Anderson
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