Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 84 - 3 transfers left.

Dear family,

Wow another week has flown by and this is the sixth and final week of the transfer.  Elder Cahoon will be home next week.  Wow it has flown by. 

The best part of having the iPad's has been the access to the words of the modern prophets.  My studies have been more effective, and my testimony of the restoration has been strengthened so much.  I have come to an even greater knowledge that we have living prophets.  This is a divine work. 

I probably will not be receiving my package until the next zone training.  I don't know when that will be.  We shall see!

There will probably not be baptisms this week, possibly Will but the chances are slim.  He will get baptized, it is just a matter of when. 

Elder Cahoon is doing great.  He is not trunkee at all!  He's doing so well at working hard until the end.  We are super sad President Jackson is leaving.  We are excited for the new president.  (Sister Pack is from Louisiana!!) but President Jackson has been such an influential man in my life.  I am so grateful for having served under his direction.  He is one of my heroes!  But President Pack will be amazing as well. 

It was a slower week in regards to the work.  The weather was just ridiculously hot.  Like extremely, extremely hot.  Haha the app is definitely right.  Maybe even under by a few degrees haha but we (as always) just kept on working hard.  That's been something I've been so grateful for, many of my companions are extremely diligent and have great desires to work and we do that, simply work really hard.  I've absolutely loved serving with Elder Cahoon.  He is a stud!!! 

Vilma and Vanesa are doing well. They are reading, praying, and progressing.  They weren't able to come to church this week, but they will be coming next week.  They love our visits and love coming to church.

Lolo has been having difficulties meeting with us lately, but he is trying to find a time where he can bring a friend of his to start listening to us.  So, although it's hard to meet, he still has desires to listen, and even share the message with others. 

We have also been meeting with a less active man named Marcos, and his big doubt is wheether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet.  We have, little by little, been talking through the first lesson (the restoration) with him to help him understand it and we got to the Joseph Smith part and we talked a little bit and then we watched the Joseph Smith movie (the long one) on my iPad.  It helped him visualize things better and he understood a whole lot more.  It was super cool!  We then (as always!) challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and pray.  He is excited and wants to know.  Therefore, he will receive his answer.

This Sunday I had been asked to speak in sacrament meeting and I was told "whatever topic you feel" and so I began to prepare a message, had it all planned out but then Thursday I had a feeling to only teach the restoration and to not worry about planning it.  Trust the spirit and just get up there and bear testimony of the restoration and Joseph Smith.  I was extremely nervous.  It went against everything I know in regards to planning is important and I was like this is crazy!  Why would I feel like this? Sunday rolls around and I'm freaking out but I said a prayer right before going up, asked for the gift of tongues and to be able to stay calm and I went up and shared what I felt the Lord needed me to say, as directed by the spirit.  It went amazing.  I felt the power of the spirit working through me and the words just came.  Afterwards a woman who was visiting from Valencia came up and said to me "that is exactly what my husband needed, thank you.  He needed that more than anything.  The Lord has answered my prayers!"  As well, Marcos came up and thanked me and was really happy and it helped him with his doubts of Joseph Smith.  As we do our part to be worthy of the spirit and seek his direction, and follow the prompting we get no matter if it goes against our best judgment, it will always work out, and it will always bless at least one life.  The spirit will always allow us to bless the lives of others.  That is priesthood service and I'm so glad I am learning how to magnify my priesthood while I am here.  It will bless me for forever. 

Brothers of mine, always, always, always seek the guidance of the spirit.  Seek to understand how it works, how to recognize its promptings.  Seek to always follow it and you will be able to serve in the priesthood and bless others in ways you never could imagine.  Never forget you hold the power of God.  Always seek his guidance and you use it.

I love you all!  Have an amazing week! 

¡Hurah por Israel! 

Elder Anderson

This is us with Romeo.  He is the owner of that sign in La Puerto del
Sol (downtown) and he waved us down yesterday and we became best
friends with him.  He loved our message and talking with us.  And then
we got free pictures at his sign with him.  Haha!  Super cool guy. 
We're gonna meet with him on Friday!