Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 83 - Happy, Happy Birthday!! (to Me)

Study Time in the Piso

This week was a rough one. I was sick for a couple days. We stayed in
one day. But me being hard-headed, I didn't want to stay in the first
day and so I endured a day with the biggest headache ever.

The truth is there isn't a whole ton of time to write today because we
went on an extravagant journey with a member from one of Elder Cahoon's
old areas.  We went to El Escorial and went up to the mountains in the
north part of Madrid.  Super fun!!  I'll send a couple pictures!!  El
Escorial is a palace type place that was built in the 1500's and is
where all the kings of Spain are buried.  We couldn't go inside because
it is closed on Mondays (all museums, historical sites, and all
tourist places are closed on Mondays in Spain, that's why I haven't
been able to go to any cool places on any p-days.  but that's okay!)
We went up into the mountains on a drive and it was
beautiful!!  The mountains here aren't like at home but it was still
really cool!  Amazing p-day!!

I also cannot believe I've been out 19 months and that tomorrow I'll
be 20.  I just can't really comprehend it right now.  It's insane.

Now a couple of things have changed with the investigators.  Vilma is
not married, but the trip she is going on this summer she is planning
on getting married to the man she is living with.  The Lord truly
prepares the people at the right time.  This trip was planned, and the
marriage planned long before she knew it was a requirement for
baptism.  So she will be married legally once she gets back and will be
able to immediately get baptized!  As I have said over and over and
over this is the Lords work!!!

Lolo is trying to decide and is still warming up to the idea of
getting baptized.  He struggles getting to church but is reading and
doing what he can.  He loves the Book of Mormon and meeting with us
and the message.

Will is finishing his finals and then has a trip, but will be
attending church where he is going to be.  He is the best investigator
in this world!!  But that will leave us with only a week to teach him
everything if he is going to get baptized on the 4th of July.  So I
believe it will be later on.  But he's just a matter of when.  We had an
amazing lesson 2 with him on Monday and it answered a lot of
questions.  He is tearing through the Book of Mormon.  He will also
be moving to Provo in a few months.  So we will be living like 45
minutes apart!!!  It's gonna be so cool!!

Also, I read the talk you read last week about staying by the tree! And
we read it with a less active returned missionary we are helping out
whose name is Jon.  He's from Venezuela.

We'll have an amazing week!!!  Hope all is well back home!!  Love you all!!

Elder Anderson
¡Hurah por Israel!

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