Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Well it was a great week!!!!  We were in Segovia today for p-day!!!  The town with the Roman aqueduct and the big castle so we don't have a ton of time to e-mail but it was an amazing p-day! :)  Thank your for your emails and the updates on everything going on at home.  Even though this week I can't reply to everything thank you!!!  I'm glad everything is going well  (well besides the water).  You are always in my prayers and I hope all of you have another amazing week!! 

This week was incredibe!!!  We worked a ton with Miguel. like every day.  We finished the lessons with him and finished them off with having a lesson about the law of chastity and eternal marriage in the Bishop's house.  The spirit was extremely powerful.  A couple days later we were planning for the week and we were planning for his baptism and we went through the baptismal requisites.  We realized he hadn't really repented or humbled himself and so we had a lesson with him the next night about humility and recognizing we have sinned and basically called him to repentance.  It was so powerful and he has agreed to fully repent before his baptismal interview tonight.  He has been incredible and the lessons we have had have been so powerful.  So if all goes well tonight he will be baptized on Saturday!!:)

The other miracle this week has been the Spaniard jovenes. (the Spanish teenagers) we were on an intercambio and Elder McFarland and the other elder were contacting a guy and then after a group of Spaniard teenagers said "hey come over here!" and they went over expecting to get mocked and laughed at but they explained part of the message and what they were doing and received all of their numbers.  We had a lesson with 2 of them a few days later and the main girl who called them over had marked her restoration pamphlet and had a bunch of questions about things and so we taught them lesson 1 and we asked what it would mean for them if a prophet had been called again and one of them said "It would mean God hasn't left us alone.  He still loves us.  There is hope."  It was INCREDIBLE.  We also taught them lesson 2 and they are LOVING it!!!  We are super super excited about them.  So I'm out of time but this week was incredible.  Transfers are this Saturday and I've been in B4 for 4 transfers so we will see what happens. I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week!!!!:)  Love you all.

Elder Anderson