Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello Family!!!

Seeing you at conference was SO COOL!!!  I can't get over how awesome that was!!  Oh man, me and Elder Cahoon have been having a blast seeing each other every Wednesday and at Conference and at Stake Conference this weekend and at the temple this Wednesday and were going to Sol as a district today.  So we see each other a ton!!  haha:)  It's so sweet!!! 

This week was a good one. A long one but a good one.  Elder McFarland and I have put a huge focus on goal setting as we are working hard on the plans and achieving goals side of it.  We have truly seen the benefits of setting goals with faith, making plans, and then fulfilling them.  The Lord has really been able to bless us because although we do not have very many investigators, we are taking care of the ones we have very well and have been working on having members in every single lesson with them, and the blessings have been incredible. 

Speaking of plans... Miguel, well, we don't really have to make plans for him.  He is what we call here in Spain "un investigador de oro" (a golden investigator).  The answer is yes, he does set up his own member present lessons multiple days in advance, and confirms them before we can. He has been so excited to learn about the gospel, and is truly committed to live it.  We have been teaching the commandments and every time we teach him a one, he says I will live this because I know this right.  He is dropping his wine drinking with his family, and is doing everything he can to live everything we teach him.  He is incredible.  We still want him to have a conviction of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but little by little as he lives the commandments his answer will come by the blessings he receives.  Yesterday he came to Stake Conference and he loved it.  He also stayed after and took down all the chairs.  Yeah, he is already a member basically.  It is almost a sure thing he will be baptized the 25th. 

Cristian is struggling to meet with us.  He wants to change but is scared of fast change.  I do not think he will be baptized this month, which is sad because chances are I am getting transfered the 27th.  This is the 5th week of my 4th transfer here so I'm probably gone.  But!!  He will continue to progress little by little. 

Jaime, that man is the most incredible man of all time.  He is from the Canary Islands and he is constantly there to help us. We have lessons all the time in his house and he is willing to come with us whenever we need someone.  He is the nicest man I have ever met and he is going to go straight to the Celestial Kingdom.  He is someone who is willing to do anything for this work. 

We have also been working a lot with the JAS and having them come with us, because they will be going on missions soon. We went contacting last night with Marvin.  He's getting active again and was scared to death to contact but after last night he left with a determination to conquer his fear of contacting.  It's so much fun working with the future missionaries. 

So spiritual thought:  I saw this awesome scripture this morning.  Moroni 10:6.  It is directly after the promise of how to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  And I love it.  Whatever thing is good comes from Christ and testifies of him.  As we go throughout our daily lives do we keep our baptismal covenant to "always remember him"?  Always means in every moment.  So look for the little things.  The good things that testify of Christ. 

This week was awesome!!  and this next week will be even better!!  Thanks for everything.  Love you all!!!  Have an amazing week :) 

Elder Anderson