Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter

Easter here is the semana santa and they have like a different procession every day.  They celebrate it a lot different then we do and I'm actually not really sure how they do it.  They have different parades basically for the different days of the week in honor of the last week of the Savior's life.  Super interesting. 

It's been the most amazing 4 months, but a very discouraging 4 months.  I know that your prayers sustain me.  Your prayers are what help me through.  This week we did A LOT of street contacting.  We tried to emphasize the Book of Mormon in our street contacts as we were asked to do in district meeting and honestly there were just a lot of people who wanted to argue with us.  We had some very good lessons and a couple of investigators though that helped us to continue to move forward and keep a good attitude!  We have Josefa and Cindy, the friends of the Relief Society President.  We have been teaching them and they have come to conference, a baptism, activities and church and are progressing extremely well!!  We set a baptism date for May 3rd!!  Although, she says she hasn't received a full on answer yet she's getting there and so is her daughter.  Keep them in your prayers most of all. They just need a little push and a little answer and they will be golden!!!  So hopefully in a weeks time we can say that that baptism is a for sure thing!:) 

Monday was all contacting, Tuesday we contacted all day because our 3 lessons fired us, and then we met with the Young Men's President.  Wednesday we had Miguel a recent convert, Josefa and Cindy and then more contacting.  We had one street lesson that night that went really well but she's gone this week so we will be following up in a week.  Thursday we met with Raquel, and it was amazing to go and bring the spirit into her home. She said we always come at the right time.  Her mom's health is really struggling and when we went she said we were exactly what she needed:) I learned it's all about people.  If we can just make one person smile and have a good day that's what matters.  We contacted the remainder of the day because our other lessons and back up plans failed, and found no one. Friday we had Nadya!!  Which was good as usual!  She's doing great and is progressing really well in the gospel!  I just can't wait until she has more time open to start coming to more church functions.  We had a lesson later with a guy we found him in the area book and he says he knows this church is true and loves the Book of Mormon so we set a baptismal date for the 31 of May to give him time to see if he's committed and he didn't show up to church and now he won't answer his phone.  We've got time on that one.  We´ll be good!  I hope we can just get him to church cause he would be golden!  

Saturday, was a LONG day of contacting, we got a few references but most of them were fake numbers and then people who said they weren't really interested when we called them. We had no lessons all day and it was a long day but!, we kept a good attitude all day and worked all the way up until the end.  It was good to truly put to practice "endure to the end" Sunday was good!  We had church, Josefa and Cindy were there and they loved it!  We met with a menos activo (less active) after and we are working on getting him back to church!! nd I'm excited for him.  We met with Josefa and Cindy and taught the Plan of Salvation and they loved it.  They said it makes perfect sense and they know this is true, they just need to recognize their answers.  We had a lesson with a man named Omar who told us the Pope runs all the churches, and we came to an "evil city" to teach the word of god, but we talked to him about how God loves all his children and the people here are his children and he loves them.  Then he said he wants to know more about our message, and that he´ll read the whole Book of Mormon by Thursday.  So there might be potential.  We shall see.   We thhen were contacting the rest of the night and finally found a kid named Wilson at 9:50 right before we went home who we taught lesson 1 with.  So truly persevering until the end paid off!!! Yesterday a lot of people just tried to argue with us but we stuck to our message, "You can know for yourself if you read the Book of Mormon and pray about it".  Even though it was super hard not to get frustrated it was a good testimony building week for me that as people attack my testimony of this book, my testimony cannot be shaken.  Ever.  I can't thank you enough for the prayers.  The Lord truly is answering them.  I love you all!!!!  So much!!  Happy Semana Santa!!  and Happy Birthday Hunter!!!!!:)  You're getting so big man!!  Love you!!

Elder Anderson,
¡El reino de dios o nada!