Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Easter was really interesting.  They don't celebrate it here like [in the states] and it wasn't a huge deal for people.  They partied all week (which meant no people in the streets, and those that were didn't want to even look at us) but Sunday was just a normal day.  They didn't really even have much in sacrament about it and not much was said about the resurrection, but I celebrated it by reading the story of His resurrection and 3 Nephi 11 for personal study!  Solid study session.  Other than that it was a pretty normal, average day. 

I can't believe Hunter is a teacher already!!!  That's insane, and that always was a sacred experience to watch Hunter help Kyson.  Hunter was an amazing Deacons Quorum President.  He truly understood how to use his priesthood and I know he is a "hero" to Kyson, a priesthood hero like Elder Eyring talked about in the priesthood session.  McKay, how was the mo-tab concert?  That's so cool you got to go! (good for you for taking advantage of Saturday and making Sunday all about the Savior, that's why my family is the best).  I missed doing the egg hunt this year with you guys, it was weird thinking its Easter back home, but while you were hunting for eggs, I was hunting for people so we were on a "hunt" at the same time:)  I'm excited to hear how Hannah does with softball!! tell her to keep it up!!:)  Holy cow, elections already?  Yeah, it did seem like just yesterday we were helping him set up last year, and now He and I are like 5-7 months into our missions.

 Braedons doing well!!  We always email each other in Spanish's so that's cool!!  and Jake finally emailed us after months and months and months, haha but he's doing really good!  Colton has emailed me... he's doing really well.  Sis. Montgomery is in the field in Scotland and Veronica emailed me and she is engaged and gets married in August.  Crazy stuff.  Thanks for your testimony mom. I love you so much!!  I also know he lives.

 No matter what anyone says I will never deny the fact I know that he lives and loves us. I cannot comprehend his atoning sacrifice for us either but as I continue to learn about it my gratitude, and love for him grows.  I know he suffered, died, and rose again the third day and that brings hope.  That's what this Easter season is about.  Hope through our older brother, and Savior. 

Yo sé con todo mi corazón que él vive. él es nuestro salvador y por medio de él, tendremos la oportunidad para vivir otra vez. Este obra de que estoy trabajando es su obra. y sé también que nos ama y todas las personas aquí en A Coruña, les ama. y él quiere que regresen a su padre y por medio de él este es posible. 

As for my week it was a long one. but a great one!  We started off with having a lesson Monday night with Andres, we let him go for a while but he came to an activity friday so we set something up with him but he doesn't want to pray, he has so many questions and theories about the creation and he doesn't believe God (if he even exists, Andres still won't pray to find out) could be our father (according to Andres).  So we told him to pray and simply ask if he is there, but he refuses to make it simple.  It's sad to see someone I've spent so long working with and trying to help, turn away from the message, but one day he will know, I just hope to meet him on the other side and help him realize the truth there.  It's weird to think about but I have desires to be a part of his conversion in the spirit world.  He has a special place in my heart and it's hard to see him reject the gospel, because I've grown to love him like with just an ounce of the love Father in Heaven has for him and I have grown to learn that, learn just a little of what the father feels for his children.  Tuesday, we had a couple lessons one with Josefa and Cindy!  We taught them the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity.  It went really well and she's giving up coffee!!!  We also taught them Wednesday about diezmo!! (tithing) and they accepted it, but she has some doubts and is a little scared to pay and is a little bit hesitant on her baptismal fecha and we still have to receive written consent from her husband for her and for Cindy.  So this week please please please keep them in your prayers, they are progressing so well but there are so many things that could go wrong, but I know that if we plea heavenward the Lord will take care of everything.  He will answer the prayers.  We got fed twice this week by members (which never happens, the members never feed us haha) but its because all the super solid families that love to have us over live out in surrounding pueblos (which by the way you can look up our ward boundaries to see how large our rama is, its like 2 hours to go from where we live to the farthest corner from us its massive) but we got to go out and eat this week!!  Then Wednesday to Friday we had 16 consecutive lessons fire us.  Holy contacting.  Rough days but we found a few people and I've gotten so much better at contacting and I feel so much more confident.  It's been a super good experience and that was basically the rest of my week.  For p-day we're in Santiago!!!  for the cathedral and everything.  It's gonna be super fun! and then for the package!! deodorant, sd card, and could you send like a pin drive type thing?  That would be awesome. Love you all!!!!  Thanks for everything:)

Elder Anderson