Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference was incredible!!!  We only got to watch 3 sessions, Saturday morning, Priesthood and Sunday morning.  The connection was terrible for the Saturday monring session and we missed half of it so I cannot wait to be able to get the Liahona and review it!! It was all in Spanish but I'm glad I've been out long enough that I could understand everything.  It was an incredible conference!!!  They are truly starting to raise the voice of warning as it says in D&C 1 and as this generation as they repeated over and over is the chosen generation and there is a HUGE work to do, I know the youth will step up and do it. It's been crazy to see how bad the opposition is while living here, seeing the world and Satan's influence all around us constantly it was a huge testimony builder to me to see these prophets know exactly what they're talking about. They truly do speak for the Lord. 

We lost all our investigators these past two weeks and we are completely working from scratch.  The finding has been hard and not many people want to listen to us, but I've been studying alot in the Book of Mormon about Alma and the kind of missionary he was. I loved after he was preaching to the people in Ammonihah and they reviled him, spit on him, rejected him, and cast him out and he was "weighed down with much sorrow" an angel appeared to him and said "Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God.

I had quite the spiritual experience.  I didn't see an angel or hear a voice but I thought to myself,blessed art thou Elder Anderson, lift up thy head and rejoice, I've got great reason to rejoice because of my diligence in doing what I have been asked.  I keep the rules with exactness, I keep the commandments and I do everything my leaders tell me to do.  Rejoice. I had a great feeling of peace that no matter what happens, the Lord is by my side.  He's there for me and while I'm in his service it doesn't matter what numbers I get or if I "appear" successful, what matters is that I work my hardest and the Lord will bless me.  It was a good learning experience for me.  Yeah, it's going to be hard but I just have to try my best.  That's all He asks. 

My new comp is a stud!!  He is from Alpine Utah.  He Fuenlabrada and Mostoles (in Madrid) before.  He's been out 9 months and was a district leader in Madrid right before coming here. He's a hard worker and we get along great!!  He's awesome and I'm super excited for this transfer!!!  We had an okay week, not a ton of lessons and a lot of street contacting with not a lot of "success" but I'm super happy.  Monday we found a family and we had a lesson with them again yesterday so we´ll see where that goes, for now they're doing good!!  So keep them in your prayers. Froi and his family.  Tuesday we had a lesson with Bryan.  We had a family come to English classes and we taught them lesson one.  It went really good and were meeting again Tuesday so I hope there's potential there!  We had some less active lessons and some recent convert lessons that were good and we made a "plan of attack" for working with the less actives in the ward last night and we are super excited to start reactivation efforts.  We have 20 people were working with right now, and some of them are part member families so we are pretty excited and ready to work with all of them.  This transfer will be huge on reactivation.  That was basically the week right there!  Conference was super interesting schedule wise.  We watched the Saturday morning session Saturday night at 6.  Watched the Priesthood and Relief Society the next morning at 10:30 (there were two rooms and we split it up) and then we watched the Sunday morning last night at 6 so it was crazy.  I learned a ton!!! 

Yes, we are still meeting with Nadya.  We watched the restoration video in russian with her and she was in tears the whole time.  I know that's why I'm out here.  Not to convert the masses but to bring joy to one person and she is doing amazing.  We're having members teach the lessons over again but we're still at the lessons to help out.   Thanks for your support mom!  I love you!!!  Thanks for the prayers and you're in my prayers every night as well. I love you!!!! Have an amazing week!!

Elder Anderson

¡El reino de dios o nada!