Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 89 - August 3, 2015

So cool that you met sister Rodriguez!  Elder Esquen knows her!  Crazy
small world!!  I met a woman yesterday who knew Tyson Hadden from his
mission in Sweden.

It was a great week!!!  We are now teaching a lady named Roxana!  She is
friends with an older couple from the ward.  She is awesome!!  Lesson 1
was powerful and she loved it.  She wants to learn and we are going to
meet with her again sometime this week.

We also began to teach two women from the Dominican Republic.
Elizabeth and Sol.  We introduced the Book of Mormon on her door and
she asked a lot of questions and is super interested.  We meet with
them again tomorrow!!

The biggest miracle of the week was Lolo.  He came to church last week
and we discussed the 15th as a baptismal date.  He said I will think
about it this week and Sunday (the 2nd) we will talk.  We saw him every
day this week and we finished teaching him the commandments.
Yesterday we met and we started to ask him some things and he
said, "Okay, I'm 80% sure I should get baptized, just two things.  One,
if I decide to go back to Romania I don't know if the church is in my
town."  He told us his town and we looked it up.  It's there.  That made
him calm down a ton, and was really nervous for that!  He said, "If I
go back and I'm a member, what do I do if it's not there?  Do I just
cry?"  Haha!  And then he was a little concerned about daily life.  He
said what will it be like?  He he heard things from other churches
about how we can't watch tv and stuff but we calmed his fears. Then 
we went over the baptismal interview questions and he said "Yes,
I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet.
And this is the true church."  He began to tear up at the end when he
said, "Yes, I will be baptized the 15th of August."  It was powerful!!  He
was so happy.  He knows it's the right decision and it is worth all the
pain of missionary work to feel that feeling there last night.  It
was incredible.

We haven't been able to meet with Will but we will be able to this
week!  Maybe!  Unless he goes on a trip to France.  He will be
studying another semester here in Spain so that gives us a little more
time to meet with him and work with him.

Thanks for everything!!!  I love you!!  So it was a crazy day.  We had to
get haircuts and we went to a barbecue in B9 and I've seen a bunch of
people I taught and it's been so cool!

Love you!!!!:)

Elder Jarrett Anderson

 The Leadership Council
(Elder Anderson is the 8th one from the left)

 Our Zone at the Zone Training

 Elder Esquen, Javier and Elder Anderson at a BBQ in B9

Us cooking a ton of meat for the party for the American family last week!!

Me celebrating my birthday on the 23rd of July. Haha

Steven our deer. He's a party animal.

Me and Elder Esquen at a members house eating "lomo Saltado" a dish
from Peru where my comp and the members are from.