Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 77 - May 11, 2015

Dear Mom, (and fam),

Thank you so much for the amazing day yesterday.  To every single one of you!!  I love you all and it was so great to see you, hear you, and talk to you!!  It was a weird day, knowing that was the last call, but it was an amazing day as well being able to see how much you've all grown and changed.  Cannot believe it!!!

Well we already talked some yesterday, but I'll tell you about how the week has been! 

We have been teaching Lolo from Turkey.  He lived in Romania for 30 years and speaks pretty good Spanish.  He is a very strong believer.  He lives outside in the street and we have, because of that, been able to meet with him a lot during the week.  He is amazing and is loving listening to us.  He is now on baptismal date for the 6th of June!!!  Pray for him!!  He is progressing very well.  Very intelligent and understands the doctrine and importance of everything well. 

Juan.  He is from the Dominican Republic.  He has children and grandchildren and is always in the park with his grandchildren.  We meet with him, as well, almost daily.  He has trouble reading because of some eye problems but this week we got him a large print Book of Mormon!!  He is reading it every day now.  He came to church the last week and he is loving it as well.  They have both said they feel amazing when they are with us.  He is also on fecha for the 27th of June!! Keep him in your prayers as well!! 

We had a first lesson with a lady named Betty this last week and it was amazing.  She can only meet once a week so we will see how it goes this week!!! 

Other than that this week was filled with meetings and stuff like that!! 

We had the meeting at the mission home that was absolutely incredible!!  President Jackson is an inspired man.  We had a good discussion on plans for the mission and what we can do to prepare.  If there is one main thing I've learned from President Jackson it is that preparation is essential in everything.  It is what sets the tone for any meeting, any event in life, or any perfomance, or anything.  The preparation is what allows to succeed.  It was an amazing meeting. 

We also had the conference with Elder Allen and Elder Dyches.  Amazing.  They talked about how we are agents and our use of agency and the difference between agents and objects.  Two things I absolutely loved that they discussed.  1) This advance into the "digital age" in missionary work is "to save our generation" as Elder Allen said.  This is what will save it. Which brings so much comfort.  There is hope! and the Lord is leading us to victory.  He is truly guiding all of this.  and 2) They talked about how this will allow us to have control over ourselves after the mission.  Having a tool that has access to the internet, with the dangers therein, namely pornography and things that waste endless amounts of time, it will allow us to develop the self-control necessary.  We will have so many safegaurds that it will allow us to have success, but the main safeguard is our selfwill.  Our ability to use agency. 

So my brothers and sisters think about this.  How do I use my agency?  Especially in regards to technology.  Am I in control?  Is my spirit in control of my body?  or is it vice versa?  Do I recognize that I am an agent and have the ability to choose?  Elder Allen said this "you can't ever say ´my companion made me mad!´ because he didn't!  He did something and you chose to be mad!"  so remember that, everything is within our power.  We can control our choices, and we choose how we react to things that are out of our control. 

I love you all!!!!  You are the best family ever!!  and never forget you have the greatest mother of all time.  She is the greatest you could ever ask for.  Don't take her for granted.  Thank her for what she does because we are not grateful enough for what she has done for us.  Thanks mommy!!  I love you!!!!:)


Elder Jarrett Anderson

¡Hurah por Israel!

Spain Madrid Mission May 2015
(I am on the right hand side trying to stand on my tippy toes hahaha.)

President and Sister Jackson

Leadership council meeting at the mission home.  
You'll be able to find me and Elder Cahoon 4th and 5th from the right :)
Elder Gentry, my trainer, is 2nd from the right.