Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 6?? What?? - Week 78 - May 18, 2015

Me and Elder Cahoon at the mission home last week!! 

 We went golfing today for p-day. You like my awful swing? 
(yep baseball still runs through my veins) hahaha!

Well I absolutely cannot believe school is over. As well, this is the 6th and final week of mine and Elder Cahoon's first transfer together!  We are freaking out cause we cannot believe how fast it flew by.  Transfers this weekend but based on the circumstances we are almost 100% sure that we will be staying together for his last transfer.  Crazy stuff!! 

The temple looks beautiful!!!  I cannot wait to see it in person.  Of course the marble would come from the beautiful land I call home!  Go Spain!!! 

I feel overwhelmed every day with my responsibilities in the kingdom.  I know exactly how you feel mom and sometimes (for me at least) I think of my weaknesses.  It used to scare me but Hermana Jackson said something in Zone Conference this week that helped me so much.  She said, "The Lord is aware of every single one of my weaknesses, but despite them, he called me and he has promised they can be made strong".  So just remember that mom, THE LORD CALLED YOU!! He trusts you, and through your dedication and love you will bless other's lives.  There is no doubt.  You are His hands in the Ponderosa ward relief society.  Never forget it!!  You are blessing lives because it's His work! 

I loved what the Jackson's told us during the leadership council.  They said, "As parents we would always teach our children the correct principles, and then we would trust them" and they talked about teaching the doctrine and principles and then they were going to trust us to use it wisely.  Because it really does come down to it being our choice.  Our agency. I thought of you and dad.  You have taught us so well and have been able to trust us because you taught us well.  Thank you for your words, but even more importantly for your example.  What you taught me through your actions.

 How are they doing with living the gospel.  The kids?  What can i do to help them? 

Haha.  I'm good on shirts.  They aren't really white anymore but it's okay neither are my companions and they are going to last me the next few months so it's not necessary to send any!  My shoes are doing amazing!!!  Worth the extra money spent!  They are holding up well and don't smell bad!  We bought Ecco.  I'm good on deodorant but I wouldn't mind beef jerkey.  hahaha  I'm doing good on pictures.  Don't worry mom:) and just don't worry about me:)  All is well:)  I will maybe think of some things i would like but as I think about it nothing comes to mind.  All is well:)

Same old with the work! 

Lolo doing well.

Juan was out of town and just got back yesterday. 

Both still on track for their fechas.

We are also teaching a mexican named Alejandro.  He is a little skeptical about prophets in these days.  Hard for him to accept but he is very willing to listen.  Poco a poco with him! 

We have been working hard on keeping a continous flow of new investigators going as we drop those who will not progress at all.  It's been going well as we have had a huge focus on constant finding these past few weeks.  I conquered my biggest fear of contacting on the metro and it went amazing!!!  Got a lot of solid references. 

The work is amazing. We are so happy and life is amazing. 

I just wanted to bear you my witness of the blessings of the Lord.  As we give Him our all, He gives us 100 times more in return.  I feel like Peter in Mark 10 who said "Lo we have left all and followed thee".  I've left everything.  I have a family to come home to, yet nothing else.  I left it all, and I honestly wasn't sure why.  But I knew I needed to obey.  So I did.  And I sacrificed everything but I've found what is worth more than anything else in this world.  I've found what money can't buy, what a college education cannot give me, what only losing myself in the service of the Lord can give me.  A testimony that will last me into the eternities.  I burned the bridges in the harbor when I left.  I left my old life behind and things will never be the same.  My only desire now is to give my life to the kingdom.  Those desires and this testimony are worth so much more than anything I left behind. 

God lives.  I know Him.  Our savior lives.  I know we can be together forever and we will as we continue to follow them. 

I love you all!!!

Elder Anderson

¡Hurah por Israel!

All the Madrid zones!!!!  I'm on the third row wearing a red tie.  Good luck finding me!