Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

This first week in B5 was amazing!!!!! :)  We just had the greatest week of all time:)  As I got here they had just finished a transfer of finding and so there are a quite a few investigators that we have been working with this week. 

We have Vilma a lady from the Philippines who we just started with yesterday.  We have a man named Luis from china.  We have 2 girls named Ambar and Andrea who are friends with a member and we have a few others.  This week we started with quite a few and we have been constantly busy.

It's also been a tender mercy to be able to work together not only because we are such good friends but because we both have the same desires to work as hard as possible here in the mission.  We have been extremely happy this week and just working super hard.  The ward is good but there is not a relationship between ward members and missionaries.  But that will change.  It has in areas past and it will here.  The district leader, Elder Schwenke, is working hard for us to be able to improve the relationship and we have a solid district!!!  I am extremely excited!!  Things are going great and the Lord is blessing us.  We have Sol and all the touristic areas in our ward (sp?)  It is a cool area.  Also!!!  I got to go on an intercambio with Elder Gentry!!  My trainer!!  It was the coolest thing ever getting to work with him.  He is a stud and I'm so grateful to have been able to work with him again.  Life is amazing here.  I cannot express how happy I am.  I have never been so happy in my life!!!

Something I have noticed is the lack of home/visiting teaching in the church.  As soon as we can realize the importance of it and how simple it really is, the Lord will be able to hasten His work even more.  The missionary work would boom here.  

Love you all!!! 

your son in Spain bursting with joy,

Elder Anderson

hurah por israel!!!