Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

It was so amazing to talk to you yesterday as well!!!   Amazing day!!!:)  Saying goodbye and leaving A Coruña was tough but I'm extremely excited for the transfer down here!!  I didn't get a lick of sleep on the train and I am exhausted.  haha.  But that's okay. 

My new comp. is Elder Christensen and he is from Ogden!  He is a stud!  He's been out here since last July and has been in this Barrio (ward) since February, I believe.  He's a hard worker and I'm super excited to get to work with him!! 

Madrid is extremely hot, the weather is insane and I am probably going to die here of heat. But it's a cool area, not as much nature as Galicia, just a lot of buildings but it's still super cool. 

That's so exciting that Zach is home and doing well!!  I hope to be a missionary like him and I know obedience is the key.  I am extremely excited for Janzen as well!!  Cannot wait to hear where. (Spain Madrid!!)   I got the pictures and they were awesome!!  That's so cool you and your friends do the Race for the Cure and honor your friend like that.  That is an awesome tradition.  The pictures are great!!  I'd love more of those:)  

I'm so glad [the call] made your Mother's Day so great:)  Love you mom!!:)  You're amazing!!!!:) You're always in my prayers!!!  For the spiritual thought I want the other kids to know what great a mom they have.  Read Alma 56:48 and do not doubt that your mother knows it.  Cherish her testimony.  She is the most amazing woman ever and you are so lucky to have her.  Cherish having her.  You have been so blessed!!  I love you all!!!  Have an amazing week!

Elder Anderson

¡El reino de dios o nada!

A note from his mother:  Elder Anderson was transferred to Barrio 4 in Madrid.  He left on a train Sunday evening, May 11th, and arrived Monday morning in his new area.  Sunday was a bittersweet day for him.  Packing up his belongings, saying goodbye to everyone in A Coruña, and Skyping with his family. What a treat it was to Skype with him and to see and hear how he is doing.  We are so grateful for David for letting him use his computer to Skype!