Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 18

Jolín.  This transfer flew by.  It's week 6 of my 3rd transfer and we find out our fates on Saturday.  Elder Gentry has been here since September so he will probably leave but you never know so were excited to see!  I'm so glad McKay loved his letter and I thought he would love if i did that:)  Yes, it's been 4 months this week!!  My "cumple mes" or my monthly birthday (since i was "born" on my mission on November 26th) is this week!!  Crazy.  

Here I am at four months and I will finally consider myself bilingual.  I'm getting so much more confident with my Spanish!!  I can speak in the subjunctive form which has been super tough for me but I can finally speak in it and I'm working on a couple more forms.  Obviously I can work on more vocabulary but I consider myself bilingual now which is huge:)  It's been amazing to see the power of the Lord in this work and know that the gifts of the Spirit are real. I have been pleading for the gift of tongues and gift of interpretation of tongues and I have been so blessed!!   Yes, Hannah did write me about her country report and I'm so glad she did amazing!!  I actually haven't had natilla but it sounds delicious!  What part of Spain is it from?  That's exciting for Hunter!!  Is he playing city league or what?  and thanks!  Please keep me posted on the varsity team I'm super curious as to how they do this year!  That is so cool for Marcus!!!  I'd love to see that and I can't wait to hear them when I get back.  By that time they'll be famous and I'll hear them on buses here though. 

Aww.. tell McKay I'm sorry to hear about his broken hand!!  I hope he gets feeling better!  Wow this year flew by!!  That's going to be crazy with elections!!!  I hope everyone makes it. Good luck to all! 

This week was good!!!  Despite the frustration and heartache sometimes it's been amazing to feel the love and support of our Savior. I read Moses 7 on a bus to Lugo.  I was feeling pretty down.  I was alone because I was heading out for companion exchanges and it had been a rough day but as I read the verses where the Lord weeps because of the people and Enoch asks him how canst thou weep? and the Lord replies, Thy brethren, they are the workmanship of my hands.  This overwhelming feeling of love and peace came over me.  Our Father in Heaven loves us and truly does weep for us when we hurt.  He loves us more than we can imagine.  We are the workmanship of the God of this universe and we can't even begin to imagine his love for us.  I felt a renewed commitment to work hard to bring back my brothers and sisters to our Father.  All he wants is his children back so that's what I'm here to do:)... bring them back.  

We had our final two lessons with andres this week.  Just trying anything possible to spark a feeling or a desire in him but nothing.  So we are dropping him for a month and then trying again in May.  Bob, our friend is super flojo (basically means super iffy when it comes to showing up to lessons) but we are working on an addiction recovery plan with him and were starting with faith in the Savior.  We found a new investigator in the street named Ramon!  He trusts us so much and he's great.  It was funny when we contacted him and during our street lesson he stopped someone and had them take a picture of him with us and then he had us sign the Book of Mormon. hahahaha  That felt super weird but hey, whatever works to get new investigators.  He's out of town for a few days but he´ll be back and he´s going to progress well!  We've been working a lot with Luis  and he's been helping us with street contacting and he's bringing friends for us to teach and he's just a stud!  We lost a lot of investigators though.  Jose can never come to lessons and he is struggling to progress but he´ll come along eventually!!  We found a new investigator named Enrique, a 17 year old.  We taught him one lesson and he accepted a baptismal invitation.  He's getting along really well with one of the priests who accompanied us to the lesson and it's looking promising.  We haven't met with him since Saturday (our lesson with him was Saturday) but we will so were excited!  We have done a lot of contacting with some success but not much and a lot of our investigators are struggling.  The work is kinda slow but its been good. 

Now the best news of all.. NADIAS GETTING BAPTIZED FRIDAY!!! The interview went well and we are set to go!!  She will be baptized Friday morning and receive the Holy Ghost Sunday at church.  It's for sure going to happen and we are so excited!!!!  First baptism of the mission!!  We don't know who she wants to baptize her yet so I'll let ya know next week but we are sooo excited!!!  Thanks for your prayers for her.  It's been amazing to see them answered!!!

Although it's been a tough week at times it's been good.  There have been some members who have been helping a ton and the new ward mission leader is amazing.  Things are looking up here.  There is A LOT of work to do but Elder Oaks said with the Lords work, the power behind is always greater than the task ahead.  I'm super excited and even if I leave, I will leave the area better than I found it.  The Lord's in charge and he's got it all under control. 

Spiritual thought for the week: In the CCM Elder Tad R. Callister came and spoke to us on the great apostasy.  He said that when an army wants to siege a city - what is the first thing they do? Cut off communication.  Well, the adversary did likewise.  The adversary changed the manner of prayer to cut off heavenly communication.  This week I have absolutely loved to see people in the first lessons pray for the first time to their Father in Heaven who just wants to talk to us.  It's been amazing to see the start of their communication with him.  I love teaching the principle of prayer and witnessing that.  

Thanks for all your support and for your prayers!!!  I love and miss you too and don't worry it doesn't make me homesick to hear that you miss me.  I love you!!!!!  ¡¡¡Espero que ustedes tengan una buena semana!!!  Thanks for everything!! 

Elder Anderson

¡El reino de Dios o nada!