Monday, March 31, 2014

I Will be Going to. . .

Well I´m staying in A Coruña!!  I'm super excited!!  Things are going great here and I'm excited to continue to progress the work forward.  Elder Gentry is getting transferred to the Canaries.  He´ll be a district leader on the island of Grand Canary.  He left on a bus to Madrid last night at 10:30 and it was actually pretty hard to say goodbye.  He´s an amazing missionary and he´s going to do amazing things out there.  I will be receiving Elder Smith!! There are 3 Elder Smith's in the mission so I have no clue who he is or anything.  So we shall see at 1:23 this afternoon when his train rolls in!  I´m excited, nervous, yeah I'm super nervous to train the area but I´ll be fine.  I think I know the area well enough.  We´ll find out. 

Nadya's (found out I've been spelling that wrong the whole time) baptism was incredible!!!!
It was really short because she only had an hour but it was powerful!  We weren't  expecting many people because a lot of people have stuff going on like work and stuff on Friday mornings but 30 people showed up.  It was incredible!!!!!!  The support from the rama was amazing.  Thank you so much for the prayers.  The Lord has answered them.  

The baptismal font

Nadya's baptism!!! 

The thumbs up one is my favorite picture of all time!!!!! 
I love it. It makes me so happy!! 

Thanks for what you said about my attitude because this week was rough.  Besides Nadya's baptism, we had a super rough week.  We lost basically all our investigators and only have a mom and her daughter.  I have been praying so hard for the help of the Lord. I can't do this alone and I know he´ll be here for me but I'm still scared.  Thanks for your support.

 Spring break sounded awesome!!! I'm so excited to hear how softball goes for hannah and sounds like an awesome couple days in Salt Lake!  Thanks you so much for all the letters everyone!!!!  It was amazing to hear from you all!!!!  I hope things go great in Hunter's elections!! and aww Sophie is so cute!!  I miss her too.. 

Well Monday we had 2 lessons. The first we are working on activating a couple young single adults named Mario and Ari.  Mario was the ward mission leader a year or so ago and he is a stud but when they started dating they went inactive and are struggling so we're helping them get back so we had a lesson on the Savior and read out of Alma 7.  It was really good!! The spirit was strong!!  We also met with Luis.  We taught him about the temple some more and we are helping him to get there to do baptisms.  We have a branch temple trip in May but he can't go so he's going to try to go in the summer!  We're excited for him!!  Tuesday we contacted a lot but nothing.  We literally talked to everyone.  EVERYONE.  and nothing.  We had one lesson all day, our others fired us and it was just super rough.  We had a lesson with Wilson the preacher from that church, but since he won't read the Book of Mormon we´re probably going to drop him soon because he can't receive an answer if he won't try it.  He will be coming to conference though so we´ll see how that goes.  Wednesday was the same story, one lesson all day and just a super rough day but that one lesson was extremely good!!  It's the friend of the Relief Society President and the friend's daughter. Their names are Josefa and Cindy. We had an amazing lesson with them and we had 2 members there (the ward mission leader came cause we needed a man) and it was so cool to see the members get super excited about the work!!  They got really into the lesson and it's really the first time I've seen it because not many members have accompanied us so that was cool! They came to church and things are going well with them.  Thursday, we ate at a members house and that was good to build relationships with them but after that our lessons fell through, back up plans fell through, and it was another rough day.  We did have one lesson with a guy named Priz and is was interesting.  We didn't have anything else basically all day. 

Friday we had Nadya's baptism though and that was incredible!!  We had Luis give a talk and he did great and Nadya was super excited!!  She said when she got in the water it was cold, but when she came up out of water after being put under it was super warm and then she bore her testimony on how she knows this church is true and it was so cool!!!  I was a witness and it was so cool to watch her go under and then come up with the biggest smile ever!  Sunday I gave her the Gift of the Holy Ghost and that was an amazing experience!  It was amazing to feel the power of the gift of tongues because we speak in the usted form as missionaries, but blessings have to be given in the tu form. I have never spoken in the tu form very well but the words just flowed out.  It was an incredible experience!!  We met with Luis and Leslie a little later (Leslie still can't be baptized, but were getting there) she has an amazing testimony and she was like so how can a learn more about the gospel and so we talked to her about doing the little things and reading and praying daily.  There is no doubt in my mind she will be baptized someday.  I just hope it's sooner than later.  We also met with Mario and Ari again and had a lesson on repentance and he is doing really well.  He really has desires to change.  She doesn't have those desires quite as much but he does and I'm very excited to continue working with him!  We have noche de hermanamiento which is basically Branch Family Home Evening every Friday, and none of our investigators showed up.. which was sad but it was a lot of fun to hang out with the members!  We talked with Davy and Lorena that night (the people who live above us) and we shared "other sheep I have which are not of this fold" in John and 3 Nephi and they said the next day that they've been thinking a lot about that and so they are coming along.  "poco a poco" as we say. (little by little)  We had a visit with Raquel on Saturday and she said it was an answer to her prayers to have us come by because she had a terrible week and she was praying that we would come by and so that was cool to see that the spirit truly does guide us to where we need to be. Then we ate with Davy and Lorena during medio dia. Really good food!! but then after lessons all fell through, lots of contacting, and nothing.  Not a single other lesson.  It was really hard and then we found out Elder Gentry was leaving the next day so we were up all night packing.  I'm super tired right now cause we also had the time change that night and so it was super rough.  Sunday was good!  Church was good we had Josefa and Cindy there, gave Nadya the Holy Ghost.  Solid day at church!  After, we went to a family's house and ate there and then the ward mission leader took us to his house.  They all wanted to say goodbye to Elder Gentry so that's kind of what yesterday was.  Getting ready for him to leave and saying goodbye to people. A rough week, but a super good week.  I'm nervous for next transfer but I know the lord is in control. I love you all and i hope you have an amazing week!!!  Thank you so much for everything!!! 

((Hugs)) and kisses,
Elder Anderson

¡El reino de dios o nada!
This plaza opened last Monday!! It's near our piso and it's so cool!

The District!