Monday, September 15, 2014


I am so excited to hear you sing mom, keep working hard!!  I am telling everybody here that you will be singing in conference!:)  P-days have been cleaning the piso and a lot of cleanup we have an older piso and we have been working hard to get it looking good again and finally today we said it's finished!!  Last week we went to a Bible shop and bought bibles.  So that was fun:)

Thank you so much for your thoughts mom!! Sincere prayer, really talking to our Father is something I have been working on a ton lately.  I'm getting better!!!:)

Well it was transfer week last weekend..  It snuck up on us and we didn't see it coming honestly.  We´ve been working so hard and it's been such an incredible transfer and it flew by and it's already over.  We will be staying together for another transfer!!!!:)  We are so excited!!!! 

Another week where not a ton happened..  But we kept busy.  Lots of contacting and lots of trying to find people but we just haven t seemed to find the people who are ready yet.  It's frustrating sometimes and it's discouraging to be working so hard and not seeing the "fruits of our labors" but it's molding us and shaping us and the Lord wants to know how committed we are to Him so we just keep going :) 

We found a guy named Byrum this week.  He is super cool!  We've only had one lesson with him and he really liked it.  He wanted to know more and was really nice so we just hope he starts answering the phone. 

Our only other investigator is Miguel.  The Husband of Silvia, the member.  He has been progressing extremely well.  He originally started to listen because he wanted to fix things with his wife.  They were struggling in their relationship because they were separated and now they are getting back together.  Every time we go to teach him he has more and more and more interest and he told us the other day in a lesson that he really now has his own desires to know if it's true or not.  It was incredible.  All of our hard work is paying off with the changing of one life and the saving of one relationship.  It's amazing to see him changing and them being together more.  They are together all the time and they call each other "cariño" which means sweetheart in Spanish and it makes me so happy!!!!  His life is changing and he is doing so well and it makes Silvia happy as well and it is bringing the true joy the gospel brings into both of their lives as they begin on their journey to become an eternal family.

Honestly it was just a week of hard work and learning what we were truly made of. We have such an amazing relationship as a companionship.  He is an incredible missionary and an incredible friend. 

Sorry for not much this week!!!  We don't have a ton of time either.  The Hermanas got taken out and we are bringing two Elders in to replace them so we are helping them get into the area and taking them around. 

For the spiritual thought this week I wanted to do one other activity.  I love hearing from you guys and your testimonies. This week I want you guys to read a few stories of Jesus and I want you to search for his attributes or his "character".  I once heard a quote from supposedly Neil A. Maxwell.  I'm not sure if it's from him but I liked the quote nonetheless. "There would have been no atoning sacrifice without the character of Christ."  He was a perfect man, not only does perfection, or sinless include what he did not do, but also what he did do and the man he was.  I found one example this week in John 2:23-25.  The Savior was not concerned with popularity, nor finding just whoever to follow Him.  There were many who believed on Him merely based on sight.  What they had seen with their eyes.  But what the Savior wanted rather than a conversion based on sight, was a conversion based on true testimony given from the Father, so he did not "commit himself unto them" Jesus was focused more on what was right than what was popular.  So now go find your own examples of what kind of a man the Savior was and why He was perfect in deed.  I know He lives!  He is our perfect example.

Have an amazing week!!!!:) 

Elder Anderson