Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Holy cow, I can't believe another transfer is over!!!  That one flew by!!!  And it's almost July. I've been out 7 months and I'm 19.  This is so weird!!!! 

That makes me feel a little better that it happened to Tracy as well.  That is so funny but it's just crazy that  people have such strong of feelings against the jumpsuits!  Graciela is doing incredible.  The change we have seen in her has been incredible!!  She was a fireball before but ever since the baptism she has been nothing but smiles.  She came to church this week just with the biggest smile on her face and so nice and happy to everyone.  She was crying after she recieved the Holy Ghost and just looked at us and said "Thank you" with tears streaming down her face.  It was INCREDIBLE!!  She has been doing amazing!! 

Rafael is still a machine.  We only had one lesson with him this week and he couldn't come to church this week or in the week that is coming, but he is done with his job in 2 weeks so he will be "free for life" as he told us (he said it in English) haha but he will be able to come in two weeks and we are planning on him getting baptized week 4 of the transfer (3rd week in July). I wish you could meet these incredible people.  They have become some of the closest people to me, and I love them with all of my heart. 

I will be keeping the dagger with me!  It will be fine in my suitcase:)  haha!  I have not been able to track down the package yet.  I don't know what to do about that one.  I have not received my birthday package either, but if it arrived or arrives before Wednesday I should get it at district meeting next week!!  I really hope I get it!!  (ha I typed the last sentence and was a couple paragraphs down when I got a call from President Jackson and he and Hermana Jackson sang to me and she told me she got it and said I am so sorry it's impossible to get it to me today but I will get it Wednesday at district meeting for sure, so I will be gettting it!!) haha the song they sang me was hilarious as well!!  I have the COOLEST mission president and wife.  They're incredible!!!  haha  And with transfers there were no changes in our ward!  Elder Christensen and I are together for another 6 weeks! 

Thanks for the birthday wishes and for everything:) 

It was an okay week.  My comp and I got sick and we were out for a few days.  We had to go to the doctor but we're feeling a lot better now!!  Basically the only lessons we taught all week were at a Family Home Evening Monday.  Graciela was there and we talked about the spirit and it was really good!!  She was so excited to receive it and like I said earlier, she was just beaming all day Sunday. I am so excited for her.  Tuesday we had a lesson in the morning with a girl named Jessica.  It was really good, she's Evangelical and doesn't see the need for one church but we explained the authority, and the apostasy, but specifically how Christ established one church and how there is order in God's kingdom.  Good lesson. Things went south Tuesday though and we didn't feel good.  We were basically out Wednesday and Thursday as well.  Friday we went out in the morning and started feeling better.  We visited some members that night and then went and played futbol with some members as well.  Saturday was really good as well!  we taught Rafael that morning about the law of chastity and of course, he already lives it.  He was like yeah, it just makes sense and it's just right, of course it's a commandment of God.  He loves looking at the pictures in the pamphlets we give him and he's like  "This couple looks so happy.  I want that.  I can't wait to find a wife in the church who has the same beliefs as me and will live the gospel with me."  The guy is INCREDIBLE!!!  Then we went to Alcobendas for some interviews Elder Christensen had to do.  When we got back we went and taught Laura.  She's doing extremely well and is excited for her baptismal fecha for the 3rd of August.  She's reading and continuing to do everything she needs to.  But we are just waiting on her divorce papers to go through in Peru.  So we hope those go through soon!! 

Sunday, church was really good!  Graciela got the Holy Ghost, I spoke in Sacrament about understanding the atonement and how if we understand it we find the desires to share this message.  I shared what Elder Gentry shared with me in one of my first weeks out about the story of Elder Ballard  -We do what we do because we understand what happened in Gethsemane.  It was super powerful and I don't know how it was for them but at least for me, it was powerful and a huge testimony builder.  We visited Alina, Javier, and the Bueno family last night as well!!  We still have yet to have Javier's wife listen to us.  She told Javier she doesn't like us, so we are kinda bummed about that and don't know what to do.  I'm super upset about it, I just want her to listen and feel for herself that this is true and can make her so happy.  It was a really mediocre week and I haven't felt 100% with being sick. But!!  The lessons and the work we did have was amazing. Even though it was a rough week, I'm still so happy to be out here and I love it so much!!! 

Spiritual thought for the week! We all have heroes and like Pres. Eyering talked about with our "Priesthood Heroes" we need to think about who we look up to.  There are so many idols and people to look up to and we need to be sure our idols lead us to live like Christ.  We talked about this and shared Alma 48:17 with some people this week.  Moroni was that kind of idol.  My challenge to everyone this week is to look at who your heroes are and think to yourself if this is a Moroni type hero.  Something simple, but if our heroes inspire us to live like our Savior then we are on the right track. 

I love you all!!!!  Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!  We spent it in downtown Madrid - the metro stop "Sol"- pretty sweet!!!  Just walked around and saw a cathedral, the Royal Palace, and just a bunch of random things.  Crazy, a year ago, today, is when I officially decided to go on a mission before school and who would have thought in a million years that a year later I'd be spending my birthday wandering around downtown Madrid, Spain.  Great day!! and it's going to be an amazing week!!!!  Thanks for all you do!!! 

Elder Anderson

¡El reino de Dios o nada!
Downtown Madrid - P-day and B-day!