Monday, February 3, 2014

A letter to a brother

(This is Elder Anderson's mom.  I just had to include these sweet letters today.  Sophie is just four years old and loves her oldest brother.  Her face just lights up when she receives letters from him.  She loves writing him and so she tells me what to say and I just type verbatim what she says.)

Dear Jxxxx, 

I love you.  I am glad you liked the pictures I painted for you.  Have you  had  a  great day  today? are you having fun on your mission?  Every night when I say my prayers, I pray for you. I had a great day at primary on church day and I learned about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I learned about Jesus too. For preschool, I learned about bees and bobcats and the other wild animals that we can't pet.  I know how to write lots of letters and numbers but not 2's.  I don't know how to write 2's.  That's all I want to say today.  


(This is the reply a little sister received from her missionary brother) 

Today was awesome:) I'm having a lot of fun!!!  I'm glad you're learning about the church:) and animals!!  and one day you'll write 2's.  I love you!!!

Jxxxx :)