Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 7 - Final MTC Week!!

Well this is it!!!  Tomorrow at 8 a.m. we meet with President and Sister Jackson at the Stake Center and then take off to the mission home and then tomorrow evening we find out our first areas and then get shipped off!  I had an interview with President Jackson yesterday and it was a great experience just kind of a get to know you interview and then we chatted for a while.  He is hilarious but will be an INCREDIBLE mission president. 

We´ve had lots of firesides and some final in-field training classes these last few days.  It´s been an amazing experience here and I have learned a ton but to be perfectly honest I just need to get out into the field.  I'm so excited to get out there and teach.  I know nothing about the language but that's okay!!  Everything will be fine and I just can't wait to get out of here. 

We had an incredible fireside that was from a while back that Elder Bednar spoke at and it was incredible!!  He talked about how we need to learn more OF the Savior's character instead of just ABOUT the Savior's character and then apply that to ourselves and become more Christlike through learning of his attributes.  He gave an example of in Christ´s life whenever something would happen that would cause us to turn inward and become selfish the Savior would turn outward and serve others.  He was the ultimate example of selflessness.  Por ejemplo (for example), the Savior was in a way let down by the 3 apostles who slept while he suffered in the garden, and he was in there suffering for the sins, pains, afflictions, sickness, and everything else for every single one of Heavenly Father's children, directly after was betrayed by one of his disciples by a kiss. As Peter cuts off the mans ear I am pretty safe to say that no other person would ever think to heal him. But, the Savior, despite everything that had just happened to him, immediately healed the man.  That was the one example Elder Bednar gave and then he talked about how as each one of learns to become selfless and as we start realizing that this mission is not about ourselves at all that we can become powerful servants of him.  It also applies to everybody.  We need to let go of the natural man and learn to serve others and in ANY circumstance turn outward.  As we strive to live this way we will develop those attributes and it will become natural to us, but it will take time. 

 He also talked about how if we want to truly learn about who the Savior really is and learn about his character we need to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and find the 6 places where the phrase `one by one´ is mentioned.  As we do this we can truly learn what the savior is like.  He is not about the masses, He is about the one.  We don´t teach 1 family of 7, we teach a family with 7 1´s, 7 individuals.  

Each week I come to know and love my Savior more and more and I cannot wait to continue growing closer to him. I love him with all of my heart and I know he lives! I know he suffered for us and is with us every step of the way.  

I cannot wait to serve the people in whatever area I get shipped off to tomorrow.  Whoever it is, I know the Lord has been preparing their hearts and if I work my absolute hardest and am exactly obedient to the rules that the Lord will bless my companion and I.  I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and have gained an even stronger testimony of the reality of his prophetic calling while being here. The gospel and the spreading of it is the most important work on this earth and I wish I could shout it from the rooftops because every single person NEEDS THIS. I don't know how someone can turn us down, but one day they will get it.  My other wish is that the people within the church could completely grasp how important this is. This hastening of the work is something that needs to be taken seriously by everybody.  We are getting close and I guess the best way to say this is the only reason there has been a `hastening´ is because time is of the essence.  Everyone needs to help the missionaries in reactivation and bringing non-members to Christ.  Everyone needs this gospel so continue to do your part at home and as you have the faith to open your mouth the Lord will fill it and will give you what to say.  He will not let you down.  This church is true.  Thomas S. Monson speaks for the Lord and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I love this work and it is more important than anything else we could do - teaching the gospel to all. 1 day and I'm finally in the field!!!  I couldn't be more excited!!!!  I love you all!!!!!!  P-days should be on Monday now so plan on hearing from me then.
Hugs and Kisses
Con Amor,
Elder Anderson
El reino de dios o nada