Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Letter from Spain

Hey mom we arrived in Madrid at about 9 a.m. Tuesday morning (Madrid time) so its probably super late back home. The flight was great but super long. I got no sleep at all so I got plenty of study time. The MTC is fantastic and the temple is BEAUTIFUL!!! Spain is incredible already and I´ve only been on the complex for about an hour or so. I am so excited to begin the work and I am ready to go. I love you Mom!!! I´m going to need Dad´s email address so I can email him. But I´m safe so you can sleep well. P day is Thursday's so we start the morning off with a temple session and I can let you know how things are going then when I actually have some things to talk about. I love you!! The church is true. The Savior lives.

Also, my debit card didn´t work in the airport here. The guy from the mtc said I should be fine but we may need to check on that? I have 0 euros haha and 9 dollars. sooo I'm in trouble.. maybe. We´ll get it figured out. I will let you know what else happens. Love you!! The spirit in the MTC is incredible. I am LOVING it here. Hope all is well at home. I´ll be praying for you all:)